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<p>15 things you can doto grow your business online</p> <p>Laura HamptonDigital Marketing ManagerImpressionlaura@impression.co.uk </p> <p>HELLO@IMPRESSION.CO.UK</p> <p>lauralhampton impressiontalkuk.linkedin.com/in/lauralhampton</p> <p>laura.hampton@impression.co.uk</p> <p>Our team</p> <p>We help businesses to grow online</p> <p>15 things you can do</p> <p> that dont require in depth technical knowledge</p> <p> and that will benefit you, no matter what size your business.</p> <p>How does that sound?</p> <p>Successful marketing is born of clear data and an inquisitive culture.</p> <p>#1: Gather data</p> <p>What other data sources?</p> <p>CRMSales teamCS teamCustomer feedbackCall trackingSocial media</p> <p>Do people visit your website?</p> <p>Where do they find out about you? (channels)</p> <p>What pages do they look at?</p> <p>How many of them convert?</p> <p>What is the value of a website visitor to you?</p> <p>All marketing must begin with an understanding of your target audience.</p> <p>#2: Learn about your audience</p> <p>CRMSales teamCS teamCustomer feedbackCall trackingSocial media</p> <p>Who visits your website?</p> <p>Why do they visit?</p> <p>What do they need?</p> <p>How do they browse?</p> <p>Why do they buy?</p> <p>http://impression.tips/brightonlaura</p> <p>We can only know how well were doing when we know where were trying to go.</p> <p>#3: Set clear goals</p> <p>What are you trying to achieve?</p> <p>Lead gen = enquiries</p> <p>Awareness = traffic and rankings</p> <p>Sales = conversions</p> <p>Sign ups = thank yous</p> <p>Page views = Analytics</p> <p>Engagement - time on site, bounce rate, etc</p> <p>Theres no point building a house on shoddy foundations.</p> <p>#4: Get your website technically up to scratch</p> <p>site:www.yoursite.com</p> <p>Is it being indexed?Does the number match your expectations?</p> <p>Add an XML sitemap (and submit through GSC)</p> <p>Check your site is being indexed by Google</p> <p>Make your website secure</p> <p>Make your website mobile friendly</p> <p>Test your page load speed</p> <p>Googles job is to provide the most relevant, best result for any search query.</p> <p>#5: Review your keyword targeting</p> <p>Google understands close variants</p> <p>E.g. SEO and search engine optimisation</p> <p>Review all your pages</p> <p>Give each one a target keyword/phrase</p> <p>Does every page have a purpose?</p> <p>Do you need any new pages?</p> <p>Googles algorithms are pretty advanced but we can still give it clear clues as to what our page is for.</p> <p>#6: Optimise your on page content</p> <p>Title tag: Fewer than 60 characters, starting with the target term</p> <p>H1: The main heading reflects the target term</p> <p>H2, H3, etc: Subheadings echo the target term</p> <p>Text: Your text uses the target term and topically similar terms</p> <p>Alt tags: Your image tags reflect the target term</p> <p>Is my page the very best page about this topic?</p> <p>Who outranks you?</p> <p>How can you be even better?</p> <p>http://impression.tips/rand10</p> <p>High rankings dont guarantee visits and a lack of visits can reduce your rankings.</p> <p>#7: Optimise your meta data</p> <p>Description not used by Google but still a valuable marketing space</p> <p>Provide a clear CTA to encourage people to click</p> <p>Talk to your web team about schema markup to enhance your search listings</p> <p>Getting a visitor to your website is only the first step...</p> <p>#8: Create a compelling user journey</p> <p>Create compelling marketing messages to get people to your website</p> <p>Then encourage them to stay with even more compelling messages, plus links through to other content and clear calls to action</p> <p>What you say about yourself can only get you so far...</p> <p>#9: Build authority through online promotion</p> <p>Who might link to your website?</p> <p>Trade associationHigh quality directoriesSponsorsSuppliers/partnersIndustry websitesLocal media</p> <p>How can you get links?</p> <p>Look at who is linking to your competitors websites</p> <p>Consider who you can ask to link to yours</p> <p>Try to build a network that includes links in and out</p> <p>We only get votes when we do something to deserve them.</p> <p>#10: Invest in high quality content and be the best resource</p> <p>Know your audience</p> <p>Consider your areas of expertise and combine with what your audience wants to know</p> <p>Tap into topical areas where appropriate</p> <p>Create content thats better than anything else out there</p> <p>Spread the word further through digital PR.</p> <p>#11: Communicate and generate pressworthy stories</p> <p>#journorequest</p> <p>#prrequest</p> <p>http://impression.tips/nottsmedia17</p> <p>Know whats happening throughout your business</p> <p>Create press worthy content around your news</p> <p>Tap into topical issues to become a commentator</p> <p>Use Twitter and other sources to connect with the media</p> <p>Be a part of the conversation. If you dont, theyll talk about you anyway.</p> <p>#12: Grow your social media following</p> <p>Use Analytics to find the channels that already work</p> <p>Grab your business name across all popular networks</p> <p>Start by listening first</p> <p>Then contribute to the conversation</p> <p>Invested wisely, advertising spend can reap rewards and help you beat your competition.</p> <p>#13: Consider paid advertising</p> <p>Have a clear message and something to promote</p> <p>Find the channels that have worked well organically</p> <p>Create targeted audiences based on audience criteria (social) or keywords</p> <p>Assign budget on a priority basis</p> <p>We can never know the value of our work if we dont take the time to review it.</p> <p>#14: Measure, analyse and refine</p> <p>A marketing strategy is never done.</p> <p>#15: Review, innovate, try things!</p> <p>Gather dataLearn about your audienceSet clear goalsGet your website technically up to scratchReview your keyword targetingOptimise your page contentOptimise your meta dataCreate a compelling user journeyBuild authority through online promotionInvest in high quality contentCommunicate and generate pressworthy storiesGrow your social followingConsider paid advertisingMeasure, analyse and refineReview and innovate!</p> <p>Thank youLaura HamptonDigital Marketing ManagerImpressionlaura@impression.co.uk </p> <p>HELLO@IMPRESSION.CO.UK</p>