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<ul><li> 1. Organized by Contact UsTel: +86 21 60561858Fax: +86 21 60561859Email: marketing@hrecchina.orgWebsite: http://www.hrecchina.orgJuly 16th-17th , 2013, ShanghaiIntegrating Internal Learning Resources, UtilizingMultiple Learning Channels and PromotingLearning ProjectsKeeping Abreast of New Trend in Learning &amp; DevelopmentConference + Showcase, In-depth Understand theLearning &amp; Development Practice from Different AspectsExamining Learning &amp; Development Modules from VariousIndustries and Angles, Discussing The Topic With HR ExpertsThe10thLearningandDevelopmentConferenceandShowcase2013 </li> <li> 2. Testimonials of The Past Nine Conferenceon Learning &amp; DevelopmentPast DelegatesGood preparation, clear topic andpractical details. IntelWell organized, and the sharing isvery practical. MSDOverall it is a good platform whichprovides the professional experience,knowledge sharing, etc. Appreciate theorganizer is commitment on this.RocheIts a valuable conference, and we couldlearn different opinions and experience.Meanwhile, it provides a platform tomeet more HR elites. BoschTycoPhilipsAlcoaFlextronicsGoogleMichelinABFIBMSAPIntelGuoduMarykayRocheABInbevDHLBayerArmstrongBright DairySuporKimberly ClarkRockwellAir LiquideeBayLuxotticaStandard CharteredBankInter ContinentalChina PacificInsuranceSwarovskiPepsiCoAlcatel-LucentShanghai VolkswagenJohnson &amp; JohnsonKoneSKFCarestreamAkzoNobelBoschKostalFaureciaKraftGeneral MotorSchaeffleLOREALTencentAMDLenovoCorporateCaseSharingLearningSystemBuildingLearningModulesPracticingSharingLearningModulesPracticeSharingVendorShowcaseInternalTrainer TeamBuildingLearningProjectEffectivenessJuly 16th-17th , 2013, ShanghaiThe10thLearningandDevelopmentConferenceandShowcase2013 </li> <li> 3. Katherine Jin | Regional L&amp;D Manager | AMD Technologies ChinaKatherine Jin, Regional L&amp;D Manager in AMD Technologies China, and responsible for Malaysia,Singapore and Suzhou. With 13 years working experience in munti-national companies. She everhave serviced for Philips and BlueScope Steel many years, and also take role as Quality ManagementRepresentative during BlueScope Steel. Katherine owns MBA, and also Certied Coaching, DISC andLominger competency module.Adam Liu | Regional Learning Leader | GE Crotonville-Greater ChinaAdam joined GE China in 1995 as Training Program Manager, responsible for introducing andpromoting GE Corporate training and leadership programs in China. After pursuing alternativecareer opportunities for ve years, he returned to GE in 2003 as Training Manager of GEMS IT Asia, andrejoined GE Chinas learning team in early 2004, in charge of leadership and essential skills curricula.In late November 2008, Adam took an assignment at John F. Welch Center, Crotonville Leadership, asGlobal Program Manager-Leadership Education. Adams experience outside GE includes teachingat universities both in China and the U.S., consulting for World Bank projects in China, freelancing asa corporate trainer, and managing a privately-owned education/training company with an MBAprogram.Xiaoxi has a Ph.D. degree (Economics) from University of Pittsburgh, and an MA degree (Economics)from Renmin University of China.Lucy Huang | senior HR training and development manager | SKFLucy is a senior HR training and development manager who has over 15 year experience in this eld.Lucy is taking care of SKF College China whose team involves in local learning strategy development,employee development roadmap design, and develop leadership programs of different levels.There are over 100 training course to be held for several thousand local employees coveringleadership, management, selling skills, product &amp; service and the application. Lucy workedin TNT China as training program manager in charge of management courses development andorganization before she joined in SKF in 2007. In addition, Lucy also has training managementexperiences in FMCG and hospitality industries. Lucy has had her MBA from Tongji University andcertied as Shanghai psychological counselor level 2.Anthony | Senior Director | Xian Janssen PharmaceuticalAnthony is the head of COE for business effectiveness in XJP responsible for XJPU and Sales ForceEffectiveness. Having been an experience business head in Sales and Marketing function. He spent25 years working in Johnson and Johnson. Establishing a fast growing specialty and OTC franchise,engraving process management skill set into the teams daily activities and help the pharmaceuticalindustry to establish an conducive healthcare environment for business. With the networking ofstakeholders in the Healthcare industry, can inuence decision makers in government externally andmanagement levels internally. Coaching at various line levels are daily routine to obtain outstandingperformance for the company. When focus in Hong Kong and as the Country Manager, was electedas President of the Hong Kong Pharmaceutical of Industry. During the 2 years term, have transformedthe image of the Association from a prot driven oriented industry into a reputable, patient caringorganization in healthcare.Helena Yang | HR Director | TNT Greater China.Helena has more than 20 years working experience in human resources eld, and worked in ArthurAndersen Business Consulting, Akzo Nobel and Bekaert before joining TNT. As a sophisticated leaderof TNT Greater China, she accomplishes great achievement, especially in employee engagementand development. Meanwhile, she leads HR team to cascade and install the core values of TNT"Sure We Can" culture to employees to increase their experience and sense of belonging. As the rstexpress international company that was recognized by Investors in People, TNT China is second tonone in global employee engagement since 2008. In addition, TNT China won Best HRM Companies,Best Corporate Culture Management and The Most Popular Employer during year of 2009 - 2010.In 2010, Helena won Best HR Director of the Year at the China Staff Awards. In 2011, TNT China hasbeen awarded as Aon Hewitt Best Employers in China.Helena has a master degree of Hong KongUniversity with major in integrated marketing communications, and also a master degree of US SaintJosephs University with major in Organization Development and Leadership.Fei Li | Senior HR Manager of Leadership Development | Intel PRCMrs.Fei is currently leading the leadership development program design and implementationacross PRC sites. Before joining Intel, Fei was leadership coach for Center of Creative Leadership(CCL) and Ken Blanchard, supporting their global accounts in Asia Pacic region. Prior to that, shewas Managing Consultant in Leadership Development and Organization Effectiveness for IBM AsiaPacic, leading internal HR transformation projects in Asia Pacic and also helping HUAWEI to buildtheir integrated talent/leadership development frameworks.Fei received her Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering &amp; Operation Research from University ofCalifornia at Berkeley and her Bachelors Degree in Economics from Renmin University of China. Shehas certication in NLP and NLP coaching, PMP, FIRO-B, DISC etc.Shawn Zhang | HRD | TencentMr. Shawn is the HRD of Tencent Shanghai as well as HRD of Tencent Interactive EntertainmentGroup. He has over 10 years management experience in HR area with near 6 years work experiencein Tencent and has deep insight and rich practice experience in talent recruiting, leadershipdevelopment, employee training &amp; development and performance management. Shawn leadmany important projects like HRBP structure set-up in Tencent. Before joining Tencent, Shawn also hasrich HR management experience in telecommunication and manufacturing industry.Fu Wei | Training Center General Manager | China UnionPayFu Wei is the General Manager in China UnionPays Training Center. Before removing to this position,Mr Fu worked in strategic development and legal compliance department of China UnionPay as vicegeneral manager. He was responsible for corporate strategic research and management, law andstock management. Currently, he is in charge of training function for corporate internal employeesand bank card related industry.Fu Wei owns about 20 years working experience and more than 15years management experience. Before joining China UnionPay, he also served in some large state-owned enterprises like China Hi-Tech Group and China AMC, taking the role of stock investment,sales management and e-commerce.Fu Wei holds Masters degree in Finance from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)and he graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, major in technical economics.Vicky wang | HRD | RSA groupVicky graduated from University of Hull, holding Master degree of Business Administration. RSAGroup is one of the worlds leading multinational insurance groups with 300 years heritage.With morethan 15 years HR management experience, Vicky had ever worked for various industries, includingautomotive, engineering, chemical and nance. Vickys areas of expertise in Human ResourceManagement include organization design and planning, performance management, talentmanagement, labor relationship and talent cross-culture.July 16th-17th , 2013, ShanghaiThe10thLearningandDevelopmentConferenceandShowcase2013 </li> <li> 4. 0830 Registration0900 HREC and Chairman Opening0905 Speed Networking0910 Ice BreakerPart 1:Integration and Application of Learning andDevelopment System0920 Session 1How to design effective training system according tobusiness needs The diverse needs of talent and leadership development in enterprise Making different solution plans to match the needs of different people Corporate case sharingLin Fei | Senior HR Manager of Leadership Development | Intel PRC1015 Tea Break1030 Session 2Building up the effective training system local corporationShawn Zhang | Human Resource Director | Tencent1125 Session 3Building up the effective training system-foreign corporation1220 Wrap Up and Deep Dive1245 Luncheon1400 Re-activation GamePart 2:Effectiveness of the Learning and Development Project1405 Session 4Be a credible learning partner for growthLearning at GE &amp; GE CrotonvilleGE China Learning CenterLessons LearnedAdam Liu | Regional Learning Leader | GE Crotonville-Greater China1500 Session 5Using internal resource to enhance the effectivenessof trainingFacing the talent challenges in the emerging market, SKF starts to run a newmanager leadership project focusing on India and China. Based on the needsof employees IDPindividual development plan and combined with thebusiness development strategies, this project successfully cultivates about60 rst-line managers through its internal training and the direct managerscooperation .Project background and challenge.Specic content and stage of the project .How to handle multi-resource .Period results of the projectDiscussion of the difculty and challenge.Lucy Huang | Senior HR Training And Development manager | SKF1555 Tea Break1610 Session 6Exploring the value of the trainingHow to value the effectiveness of trainingHow to use training to enhance the performanceCorporate case sharingAnthony Chan | Senior Director | Xian Janssen Pharmaceutical1705 Open and Facilitated DiscussionHow to Use Limited Resources to Achieve Best ResultKatherine Jin | regional training and development manager | AMD1745 End of Day 1July 16th-17th , 2013, ShanghaiThe10thLearningandDevelopmentConferenceandShowcase2013Day 1 | July 16th </li> <li> 5. 0830 Registration0900 Re-activation GamePart 3Learning Modules Case SharingPart 4Internal Trainer Management1345 Session 4Creating high-level internal trainer bythe corporation internal resourceThe key method and element of building internaltrainer teamStrengthen internal trainersability and establishhigh-level training team1440 Session 5Motivation and retention of internaltrainerImprove internal trainerscapability to building upstrong internal teamUtilizing the multiple tools to improve motivationand retention1535 Tea BreakPart 5:Leadership Development ProjectDesign and Application1550 Session 6The design of leadership developmentprojectHow to design and improve leadershipdevelopment project according to corporate strategyLearn in order to practice, creating efcient teamby leadership projectCorporate case sharingVicky Wang | HRD | Sun Alliance Insurance (China)Limited1645 Open and Facilitated DiscussionHow to Make the LeadershipDevelopment Project Promote theConstruction of Talent TeamKatherine Jin | regional training and developmentmanager | AMD1730 End of Day 20910 Session 1Corporate University Case 1How to establish a suitable corporateuniversity from scratchCorporate case sharing1005 Tea Break1020 Session 2Corporate University Case 2Make full use of internal resources, improvecorporate university construction1115 Session 3Enhancing the business impact andcorporate universityHow to use limited resources to meet thelearning needs from different departmentsHelena Yang | Human Resource Director | TNT1210 Wrap Up and Deep Dive1235 Luncheon0910 Session 1Latest Trend of Learning ModulesAnalyze the latest trend of learning toolsand waysThe application of mobile learning1005 Tea Break1020 Session 2The Application and Trend ofE-Learning in CorporatePracticing case sharing on how to makeuse of E-learning1115 Session 3Using blended learning system toenhance the effect of the trainingFu Wei | Training Center General Manager |China UnionPay1210 Wrap Up and Deep Dive1235 LuncheonBallroom A Ballroom BJuly 16th-17th , 2013, ShanghaiThe10thLearningandDevelopmentConferenceandShowcase2013Day 2 | July 17th </li> <li> 6. EAPE-LearningTalentAssessmentTrainingCompanyConsultingCompanyLearningSoftwareLearningAssessmentCoachingOutdoorExpansionBusinessCollegeSponsor Showcase2013 China Learning &amp; Development Conference and Showcase" will not only bring you leading case sharing in HR industry, but will also assemble excellent human resourceservice providers in learning and development eld all around world. They will analysis the current situation and new trend in learning and development market in China forall the delegates and offer on-site consultation and products showing. And we also hope that all the delegates can be offered great opportunity to choose best Learningand development service sponsors through2013 China Learning &amp; Development Conference and Showcase. Help you to pick business partner in your learning anddevelopment program which is most suitable to your corporate.0900 Registration0930 HREC Welcome and Opening0940 Speed Networking1000 Session 11035 Session 2 1110 Tea Break1140 Session 31215 Luncheon1430 Session 4 1505 Session 51...</li></ul>