10 Must Read Blogs on Entrepreneurship (2014 Edition)

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Post on 08-Sep-2014


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Blogs are some of the most helpful resources for learning about small business and startup ownership. Read these blogs to learn and gain support!


<ul><li> 10mustreadblogson entrepreneurship (2014edition) </li> <li> 1. Young Entrepreneur Its awesome because its specifically geared toward young entrepreneurs (you couldnt tell from the title, right?). Theyre targeting the Gen. Yers so theres tons of fun content like 3 Reasons Skateboarders Make Great Entrepreneurs and 10 Interesting Investments to Make in Your 20s. YE follows current happenings in the Millennial entrepreneur scene, too, posting about young people who are making waves in business. Youll love: Young Millionaire: Inside the Mind of Yahoos Teen Sensation Nick DAloisio </li> <li> 2. Business Pundit Business Pundit helps you stay updated and current on what people are doing in the business world. Youll find everything here from trends in operations to managing millennial employees to the latest apps and technology for your business. Youll love: 10 Insanely Successful Products That Started as Total Failures </li> <li> 3. Small Biz Small Business Trends has news, resources, advice, reviews and commentary on everything small business from marketing and social to technology and finance. The people writing for the blog are authors, professors, and small business owners, so all the advice comes from people who are already implementing it. Youll love: 30 Crowdfunding Sites to Take Your Venture to the Next Level </li> <li> 4. EpicLaunch EpicLaunch is the bees knees because of the online business archive. Social media, blogging, and making money online are new to a lot of people. The writing team here are all young and experienced, so they bring a unique perspective to the entrepreneurial blogging sphere. Youll love: Your Online Presence: Building a Business Website is Easier Than Ever </li> <li> 5. The Art of Ass-Kicking Jason gives advice that is both practical and straightforward. He writes in a very casual and fun way, so reading his blog is about as far from reading a textbook as you can get. Hes had some great experiences and shares phenomenal insights. Youll love: 17 Essential Best Practices for Making Things Happen </li> <li> 6. IttyBiz Naomi and Dave, evangelists for small business owners, are super personable. They know their audience extremely well, so their advice is great for very small businesses who want low cost or free solutions. Their organization even offers free marketing courses for business owners! Youll love: 3 Ways to Enjoy Running Your Business Again </li> <li> 7. Quick Sprout Neil writes in a really fun, conversational way. As a serial internet entrepreneur, he has awesome insights on all kinds of things like traffic, conversion, SEO, web design, etc. Hes even helped companies from Amazon and Hewlett Packard to NBC and General Motors. Youll love: How to Calculate the ROI of Your Social Media Campaigns </li> <li> 8. Dan Martell The blog is super helpful and relevant because Dan has been in the shoes of his audience. Hes been a first time entrepreneur and a small business owner. His philosophy is that learning from people whod been in his shoes changed his life and his business, so sharing his wisdom and know-how is a passion. Youll love: Giving Ourselves More Credit </li> <li> 9. Think Entrepreneurship Founder Pete Sveen is super passionate about helping others in their businesses. Whats neat about TE is that Pete records and posts podcasts in addition to written blog posts. Podcasts range from talks to interviews with successful entrepreneurs and new ones come out every month. Youll love: 5 Things to Help You Go, Go, Go! </li> <li> 10. WorkHappy.net The content is super simple. WorkHappy is all about quick fixes and hacks that make your life easier and your business better. Many of the posts provide information and reviews on apps and tools to make running a business a little less taxing. Youll love: The Most Important Entrepreneurial Lesson Ive Learned </li> <li> bonus The Grasshopper Blog You didnt think wed get through this whole thing without a shameless Grasshopper plug, did you? Were pretty rad because we bring you a bunch of super helpful information on everything from picking the most memorable vanity number to working with a small marketing budget and finding a mentor. We think our posts are very personable and fun to read, and we share some great insights. Check out more from us! </li> <li> MustReadBlogson Entrepreneurship10 1. Young Entrepreneur 3. Small Biz Trends 5. The Art of Ass-Kicking 2. Business Pundit 4. EpicLaunch 6. IttyBiz 7. Quick Sprout 9. Think Entrepreneurship 8. Dan Martell 10. WorkHappy.net </li> <li> Tell us in the comments below! What are some of your favorite entrepreneurial blogs? </li> <li> Yes, I want more tips and tricks on growing my business in my inbox each week! Sign up for weekly emails. </li> </ul>