 identify origins and beliefs of fundamentalist movements. ...

Download  Identify origins and beliefs of fundamentalist movements.  Research major fundamentalist groups.  Articulate arguments for and against the issue of

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  • Identify origins and beliefs of fundamentalist movements. Research major fundamentalist groups. Articulate arguments for and against the issue of Islamic fundamentalism as a threat.
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  • What caused the Arab Spring movements? Economic Conditions High unemployment Low minimum wages Inflation (food prices) Class stratification Political Conditions No democratic values! Lack voice in govt No free speech/assembly Police brutality/corruption
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  • Present your poster with the rest of the classmates
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  • Political & social movement promoting a return to traditional, or fundamental, interpretation of any religion. Islamic Fundamentalism or Political Islam Est. Sharia law as foundation of government Rid society of non-Islamic influence
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  • Islamic empire eclipsed, dominated, and exploited by West. Frustrated w/politics. Frustration with rapid social & economic changes. Western presence in Holy Lands, ME politics, perceived attack on Islam
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  • World Gone Wrong Religion to cope & guide Tool for social activism & poly change Motivate & justify purpose No Other Option Tried traditional channels for change, failed Lack power, voice Hopeless & frustrated Cosmic War Against Enemy Good vs Evil (God/Devil) Stakes so high, cause so virtuous = any means justify ends Symbolism & Violence Value to target & timing Four Cases Read From Responding to Terrorism: Challenges for Democracy www.choices.edu
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  • Most DO NOT ADVOCATE violence! Terrorism as form of jihad Seek to overthrow secular regimes & rulers they regard as un-Islamic
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  • US Concerns Poly & econ stability Terror attacks against Western Interests Islamaphobia- Anti- Arab Anti-Muslim, sentiment born out of fear and ignorance
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  • Do you consider Islamic fundamentalism a threat to US security? Why or why not?
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  • Al Qaeda Beliefs- establishing rule of God on Earth Attaining Martyrdom Purification of ranks of Islam Countries- Afgan., Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan Gov participation- recognized part of Libyas rebel gov Activities- assassinations, bombings, etc
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  • Beliefs- Sunni, Islam; Sharia Law Countries- Afghan., Pakistan Gov- Diplomatic recognition from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Activities- Brutal oppression of women Burning fertile land Bombings Outside oppostion- US &UK, India, UN
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  • Beliefs- Shiite Muslim In Lebanon Gov- few seats, radio & tv networks Activities- suicide attacks and kidnapping Outside Oppostion- US- terrorist group UN- request they disarm
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  • Islamic fundamentalism Gaza, West Bank in Israel Palestine Authority rules 2 houses Activities- suicide bombings, use rockets, and small arms
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  • Beliefs- strict Quran following Democratic values Activism & Charity Sharia Law In Egypt, Bahran, Jordan, Iraq Power? Not in most countries Egypt Activities- Poly party control Natl effort toward reform and progress Outside opposition- question sincerity
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  • Beliefs- Wants US and allies out Countries- Lebanon, Palestine Power- No govt powers but control dozens of NGOs Operate Mosques and schools Activities- kidnappings, bombings, suicide bombings