YouTube Live Deep Dive - Hacking the Algorithm w/ Live Video

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<ul><li><p>Audience Growth Hacking Guide</p></li><li><p>Presenting a:</p><p>Deep Dive</p><p>w/ the .</p></li><li><p>Who are the StreamGeeks?</p><p>Paul Richards, Tess Protesto and Michael Luttermoser are a group of live </p><p>streaming professionals dedicated to discovering the power of live streaming for </p><p>your business!</p></li><li><p>The YouTube Algorithm</p><p>Explaining the YouTube Algorithm -</p><p>YouTube wants to serve the viewer. It </p><p>uses engagement and view time to </p><p>determine relevance. A combination of </p><p>likes, subscribers, shares on social </p><p>media, embeds out on the web and total </p><p>time users spend watching your video in </p><p>seconds.)</p><p>Total View Time &gt; Total View Count</p><p>Relevancy &gt; SEO</p></li><li><p>YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO)</p><p> Explaining the YouTube Algorithm - Wants to serve the </p><p>viewer. Uses engagement and view time to determine </p><p>relevance. Combination of likes, subscribers, shares on </p><p>social media, embeds out on the web and total time </p><p>users spend watching your video in seconds.)</p><p> Live streaming as a YouTube growth strategy</p><p> Titles - Relevant - Penalized for low view rates</p><p> Description</p><p> Closed Captions</p><p> Tags</p><p> Links - Inside YouTube - Penalized for linking away</p><p> Channel Page - Short Trailer, use playlists for branding</p><p> Show Playlist - Send people to playlist links and </p><p>encourage binge watching</p><p> Promote your content with keywords and </p><p> Thumbnails</p><p> Custom outro - End Screen</p><p> Daily strategy - chunk content save as new</p><p> Deleting pre show with editor</p></li><li><p>Live Streaming as a YouTube Growth Strategy</p><p>1. Create more content more oftena. Reduce Post Production Time</p><p>b. Gather massive view time during live </p><p>broadcast which attributed to your on-</p><p>demand video</p><p>2. New Video Drop Hype Build Upa. Schedule a video post and go live </p><p>right before the video hyping up your </p><p>audience and boosting initial </p><p>engagement</p><p>b. Increase virality and trending potential</p></li><li><p>Schedule your Live Stream! Dont use Stream Now!</p><p>Dont be lazy and use your static Stream </p><p>Now Key. </p><p>Scheduled streams retain all view time and </p><p>views. So when your scheduled live stream </p><p>is published for on-demand viewing it will </p><p>retain all of the most important YouTube </p><p>statistics. </p><p>Stream Now is ideal for channels. Perfect </p><p>for 24/7 broadcasting not short video </p><p>creation.</p></li><li><p>Use Playlists to organize live streams</p><p>1. Playlists increase potential of </p><p>binge watching</p><p>2. You can embed a playlista. Never have to update the embed </p><p>code to have the latest video play on </p><p>your website. Time Saver!</p></li><li><p>Boosting Content w/ Adwords</p><p>Research your most popular demographic and advertise to them. YouTubes </p><p>advertising platform will favor relevant content and the algorithm will recognize </p><p>that your content performs well with your ideal demographic and spread your </p><p>message.</p><p>You can essentially pay for relevancy and using keywords is one of the best </p><p>way to spread the message to interested viewers. </p></li><li><p>YouTube Outro Template</p><p>Great Time Saver!</p><p>Overlay you live video and end with </p><p>your video will a custom Call to Action!</p><p>Top left video is a live camera shot with </p><p>your last twenty seconds of video/outro.</p><p>Right hand videos are overlaid with the </p><p>YouTube End-Screen tool. </p></li><li><p>Using YouTube End Screens</p><p>Dynamic YouTube End Screens are the </p><p>best!</p><p>Use these to promote your latest video </p><p>by selecting Most recent upload.</p><p>And promote your most relevant content </p><p>by selecting Best for Viewer. </p></li><li><p>YouTube Thumbnails</p><p>Free Download!</p><p>Spend some time creating a nice </p><p>YouTube Thumbnail. </p><p>Download this free photoshop template </p><p>with our eye-catching off center design.</p><p>Download at</p></li><li><p>YouTube Live Goals</p><p> Grow Live Viewer Audience</p><p> Chat Integration </p><p> vMix Social Example</p><p> Request Subscribes - Grow your notification </p><p>tribe</p><p> End Screen Template</p><p> Request Comments - Learn what your audience </p><p>wants to see next</p><p> Schedule your Stream - Dont Stream Now!</p><p> Scheduled streams maintain view count </p><p>and most importantly view time </p></li><li><p>vMix Social Demo</p><p>We use vMix social to connect both </p><p>YouTube and Facebook live chats to </p><p>our live streams. </p><p>This not only boosts engagement but </p><p>provides curated social proof </p><p>throughout our broadcast. </p><p>Social proof is one of the most </p><p>important topics for consumer decision </p><p>making.</p></li><li><p>Trimming off your pre-show w/ YouTube Enhancements</p><p>You cant do this on Facebook!</p><p>Trim off your live show pre-show.</p><p>Ideal for advertising your video where </p><p>you dont want people leaving during </p><p>pre-show. </p><p>You can also use the enhancement </p><p>tool to create new short clips from the </p><p>original live stream video.</p></li><li><p>Quick Note on Daily Video Strategy</p><p>Never post more than one video per day!</p><p>YouTube will email your subscribers a </p><p>digest of videos they subscribe to. They </p><p>will almost always use your latest video. </p><p>If you post more than one video per day </p><p>they will skip the first video and only </p><p>promote the latest video. </p><p>Spread out video posts to maximum the </p><p>promotion. </p></li><li><p>Advanced YouTube Live Features</p><p> 4K Streaming</p><p> 3D Streaming</p><p> Multi-Camera Streaming</p></li><li><p>YouTube Live Streaming</p><p>As you can see you can now stream at </p><p>up to 30 MBps which is 4K. This is still in </p><p>BETA. </p><p>Facebook currently supports 1080p at 4 </p><p>MBps. YouTube quality streaming </p><p>options are some of the best in the </p><p>world!</p></li><li><p>YouTube Live vs Facebook</p><p>On average you will find more total views on Facebook and more watch time on </p><p>YouTube. </p></li><li><p>Our results. </p></li><li><p>Tools we use for YouTube</p><p></p><p> YouTube </p><p>AutoComplete</p><p> Google Trends </p><p>Keyword Finder</p><p> Blue Ocean Strategy</p></li><li><p>Google Trends &amp; Blue Ocean Strategy</p><p>Use Google Trends with the Blue Ocean </p><p>Strategy. </p><p>Create a new space for yourself and leave </p><p>behind competitive landscapes</p></li><li><p>Topic Cluster Strategy</p><p>The Next Evolution of </p><p>SEO</p><p>Find your blue ocean and </p><p>go to town!</p></li><li><p>Good Luck</p><p>And happy streaming!</p><p>Dont forget to Subscribe to the </p><p>StreamGeeks YouTube Channel to </p><p>learn more every Week!</p><p>We go live Mondays at 11AM PST </p><p>2PM EST. </p><p></p></li></ul>


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