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This is a free sample of Your True Colours issue "Casual Wear from The Netherlands" Download full version from: Magazine Description: Fashion Academy was founded in the early 1970’s by Gerrie Pinckney. Pinckney became known around the world as the premier Image trainer, and an expert in Colour. She originally developed the seasonal method of colour analysis as it applies to wardrobing, teaching many others who took the system to books and their own companies. In the late 1980’s Pinckney developed the skin tone determining system, unique to Fashion Academy. The new system perfectly defined skin tone, eye color, and hair col... You can build your own iPad and Android app at


  • What Soda Does to

    Your Body

    iSHARE Spotlight: Elaine Enis

    Joyful Living & Emotional

    Health Using Yoga

    A Fish Named Fred, Casual Wear from The


    Your True Colours

    August 2015

    The Secret to Happiness by

    Wen Chi

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  • Your True Colours Vol. 2 Issue 2

    A u g u s t 2 0 1 5 | 3 Your True Colours

    Some of our guest writers for this issue: Brian Avery and his wife, Marina, have three children with stunning academic credentials, each tracking toward rewarding careers. After entertaining questions about how their children performed so well, and listening to dismissals that not everyone can be a genius, the author is sharing the approach he and his wife took. He is an environmental manager for a steel company in Alabama. Both he and his wife have a formal education in engineering.

    . Wen Chi Chien, founder of Zen Institute, came to America from Taiwan in 1990 to pursue a master's degree in counseling. Within one year, her father died and her husband abandoned her. Three years earlier, her mother had died of a stroke. With no children, and no support from family and friends, she was at a point where there was nothing for her to look forward to. Suicidal and ready to end her life, a part of her was desperate for the tools so she could learn how to live with herself. After meeting with several therapists it took one night in the backyard gazing at the stars to realize that she loved this life and this world. She eventually opened the Zen Institute. Zen Institute offers a ground-breaking treatment model that consists of four treatment modalities: CBT, DBT, EMDR and Inner Twin therapy. It is different than the

    traditional kind of psychotherapy, yet it is very powerful. As one goes through the process, one will know that you are the one in charge of your life, and will no longer live in fear nor loneliness. You will be able to feel unshakable inner peace and total self-confidence!

  • Your True Colours Vol. 2 Issue 2

    A u g u s t 2 0 1 5 | 4 Your True Colours

    Bobbi Hamilton, CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher), left her position as a published cancer researcher at UCSF/Mt.Zion Medical to focus on creating solutions for the childhood obesity epidemic. Applying her laboratory skills to field research she conceptualized a cnew kind of engaging play-along fitness video for kids and created/produced Animal Yoga which aired on PBS Kids as promo spots getting kids off the couch in between programming for three years reaching an estimated 20 million households. Bobbi created the Phresh Yoga Mats from over ten years of research, teaching, play-testing, and producing fitness content for kids and families. The Phresh mats and programs are intended to be teaching tools to help kids learn independently, and to help teachers, therapist, and parents easily implement yoga and exercise into classroom,

    PE, afterschool, and homes. Its Bobbis passion to make fitness fun, and to serve by contributing solutions for a healthier generation of kids and families.

    Trinh Le, MPH, RDis a dietitian consultant for MyFitnessPal. She holds her masters in public health, nutrition from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and is a registered dietitian. Trinh is a proponent of balancing food and exercise for a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys hiking, strength training, yoga, running and fidgeting. Healthy Blog:

  • Your True Colours Vol. 2 Issue 2

    A u g u s t 2 0 1 5 | 5 Your True Colours

    All contents of this magazine are the opinions of the individual authors.

    August 2015 Your True Colours Media, LLC

    No part of this magazine may be reprinted without written permission from the editor.

    table of contents

    Monthly Columns:

    Spotlight Artist: Neal Barbosa 7

    Contest of the Month: Exuviance 10

    Great Finds: Oz Naturals 11

    YTC Life Image Shopping on a Budget 15

    Wellness by Kally Efros - Shopping on a Budget 25

    Cool Skin Tones/Warm Skin Tones - Abury 79


    The Secret of Happiness by Wen Chi Chien 17

    Books in the Classroom by The Knowledge Tree 27

    Your Body on Soda by Trinh Le 31

    Increasing Emotional Health in Your Family Through Yoga Therapy Techniques by Bobbi Hamilton 37

    There is a Time for Sitting and Crying, Then You Have to Get Up and Go! Meet Jennifer Williams-Fields 43

    Raising Genius by Brain Avery 45

    CATA Announces: Spokesperson Wins Pageant by Pat Davis 57

    Fiefe 63

    In this Issue:

    Fiefe, an emerging luxury brand that specializes in handmade

    scarves. Paris & New York

    Yoga at home, its easy now with Chi Universe Phresh Mats.

  • Your True Colours Vol. 2 Issue 2

    A u g u s t 2 0 1 5 | 6 Your True Colours

    Table of Contents (Continued)

    Collecting Costume Jewelry on a Budget by Melinda Lewis 71

    A Fish Named Fred: Fashion from The Netherlands 83

    iSHARE Spotlight: Elaine Enis by Sherri Henley 93

    Credits for Cover Photos: A Fish Named Fred

    On Demand Radio Shows Featuring

    Carolyn Bendall YTC Image Radio

    Kally Efros Get Real with Mark & Kally

    Maia Aziz Mornings with Maia

    Debra Norwood Look Good, Feel Good