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Your programme of events for Welcome Week at Colchester, running from 29 September – 5 October 2013. Don't forget to check out our welcome pages at: Also, like our Facebook page to ask any questions and meet other students:


  • Your first weekProgramme of events for Welcome Week29 September 5 October 2013

  • Welcome I am delighted to welcome you as you start your educational journey at the University of Essex.We aim to provide a transformational learning experience in our living and learningcommunity, an experience which will prepare you to shape your future with confidence andenable you to contribute meaningfully to the wider world. As well as your studies, you will havemany rich opportunities to take part in the arts, sports, volunteering and student societies.Work hard, play hard and make the most of all that our University provides. I wish you successand a happy and fulfilling student career at Essex.

    Professor Jane Wright Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)

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  • How to use this programme

    How to use this programme This programme provides you with useful information about WelcomeWeek, plus advice to help you settle in so you can start enjoying yourstudies and social life. The first sections are about how to prepare, howto get here and how to get started. From page 20 you will find a diary ofevents for the week so that you can build your timetable. Its worth takingtime to do this before you arrive, as it will help structure your week.

    Knowing what you need to do and when todo it Welcome Week may be a confusing time and it can be hard to know,and remember, whats important and whats for fun. To help youorganise your time when you arrive we have included a checklist and ablank timetable to complete.

    Online updatesThere may have been changes to times and locations of events sincethis programme was printed. You can:

    Check for updates to this programme and to your departmentalevents online at:

    Visit our University of Essex Welcome Facebook page

    Find out about University of Essex Students Union events

    Where to go if you have questions when you get here On arrivals day (Sunday 29 September 2013) there will be plenty of

    staff and students around campus to answer questions and pointyou in the right direction.

    Throughout Welcome Week, look out for our student ambassadors(current students who help out at major University events) wearingpurple or red ambassador t-shirts.

    There will also be staff on information points in the centre of campusduring Welcome Week.

    Our Universitys Student Support team and our Students UnionAdvice Centre are available during Welcome Week and throughoutthe year contact details can be found at:

    Finding your way around At the back of this book is a map of our Colchester Campus. Freemaps will be available and there will be plenty of people around to givedirections. You will almost certainly feel lost from time to time but this isnot unusual, and you will learn to find your way around in the first fewweeks. Tours of our Colchester Campus will be available on Sunday,Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Welcome Week, and tours ofColchester town centre will be available later in the week. Please seethe Diary Pages section of this programme, or visit the informationpoint on Square 4 once you get here, for more details.

    If you have spare time during Welcome Week we recommend that yougo and find your teaching rooms and your departmental office so thatyou dont risk being late for classes and lectures once teaching starts.

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    My first week

    What day? What time? Where?

    My Welcome Talk Monday Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall (Square 5)

    My registration time Sports Hall (up the hill from Square 3)

    My departmental events

    My optional and fun events

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    Getting ready

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    Accessing your University e-mail account If you have used your myEssex student portal, you will be able toactivate your University of Essex computing account online from 2September 2013. This will enable you to use services such as youruniversity e-mail account, online materials relating to your course andonline services available at the Albert Sloman Library. If you haveactivated your computing account you will be able to use thecomputing labs and the IT network in student accommodation whenyou arrive and before registration.

    The University of Essex and You may be thinking of buying a laptop to aid your studies. If you arethen we recommend that you take a look at our student store andcompare it with alternatives.

    The IT Helpdesk sees lots of broken laptops and wants to put a stop tothese problems. We have looked at the laptops we purchase for theUniversity and have selected ones you could buy that will last threeyears and if they dont they will be repaired on site (included in thepurchase price). This gives you three years of guaranteed computing ata fixed price.

    The laptops we recommend are from the same company and at thesame price that we get them for our staff. If you want the same thenyou can buy them online.

    For more information please visit

    Your Essentials eat, play, liveTo make moving in to your new home as stress-free as possible,University of Essex Campus Services have grouped together some ofour most popular products and services in one place so you canpurchase them in advance of your arrival. Go to purchase your mealplan, sports membership, Students Union entertainment pass, bedding,kitchen and food packs.

    Getting ready

  • 6 Your first week

    Getting ready

    Money matters By the time you are reading this information we hope that you havefunding for your course in place. Information on all aspects of studentfunding can be found on our University website Most undergraduates will receivetheir funding termly if you would like some money management andbudgeting tips please select the Funding and money tab on ourStudent Support website at:

    If you are beginning an undergraduate course and have previouslystudied at higher education level, your entitlement to financial supportmay be affected. Advice on your funding is available from StudentSupport. Postgraduate students are not eligible for the same fundingsupport as undergraduates and need to source their own funding.Further information is on our student finance web pages

    Paying tuition/accommodation fees details of when, where and howto pay your fees, can be found on our University website

    Council tax Most full-time students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, areexempt from the payment of council tax and this is automaticallyapplied if you are living in University-owned accommodation. If you willbe living in your own home or privately rented accommodation, you will

    require a council tax certificate to prove eligibility for a discount orexemption. Once you are registered you can request this from thestudent documents portal at: enquiries about the council tax on your property should bedirected to your local council tax office.

    All students requesting council tax exemption require a hard-copyletter to make the application, which you can obtain using the methodabove. However, if you are applying for exemption and you live withinthe Colchester Borough then you must make your application directlyto Colchester Borough Council (CBC) by using their online portal: The portal is quick and easyto use, and all you need is your personal details including your PRIDnumber that is found on your registration card. However, if you doencounter difficulties please contact the Council offices in the firstinstance.

    Disabled students Want to meet your named disability adviser?Tell us about your disability? Find out moreabout what we do and what support may beavailable? Please come to the DisabilityServices Registration and Welcome inStudent Support to speak in confidencewith a trained disability adviser so that wecan plan how to best to support you in yourstudies (please see diary pages for furtherinformation).

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    Students Union (SU) You can start to access almost all of our SUs services and supportonline before you arrive, including joining sports clubs and societiesand buying event tickets at:

    Your healthThere is a Health Centre conveniently located on the ColchesterCampus, with experienced doctors who specialise in student health.The medical team includes doctors, nurse practitioners and a healthcare assistant who provide a comprehensive service including a nursetriage system which enables patients with urgent problems to be seenon the day.

    Under University regulations you are required to register with a localdoctor for the duration of your studies. You are advised to pre-registeras a patient online during the summer in order that the Health Centrestaff can commence the process of registering you as one of ourpatients. To complete the registration process as a patient, you mustattend one of the Health Centre registration sessions during WelcomeWeek. You will receive an appointment date and time for this in yourWelcome Pack in your room (if living in University accommodation oncampus) when you arrive at University.

    For further details visit the Health Centre website at:www.rowhedgesurge