“your character is defined by what you do, not what you say, or what you believe.”

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  • Your character is defined by what you do, not what you say, or what you believe.

  • Why do I need points?Maintaining your citizenship points allows you to participate in all middle school fun activities.You must have 100 points to go on the end of year beach trip.

    If you maintain 100 points for your 7th and 8th grade years, you go on a Hurricane Harbor trip.

  • 2 point infractions:no materials (includes uncharged laptop!)tardygum/food1st dress code violationother?

  • 5 point infractions:class disruptionprofanity/vulgaritydisrespectfulother?

  • Even if you dont mind missing out on fun activities, if you get down to only 85 points, two things happen:

    1. You have total loss of privileges (assemblies, inter-mural sports, everything!)

    2. You are on Mr. Holtkes list! He will meet with you and schedule you for Saturday school.

    3. If you want to remain eligible for end of year trips, points must be made up within one week!

  • I lost points, now what?You can make them up! How?

    Serve a lunch detention= 2 pointsServe after school detention=5 pointsServe 3 lunch detentions=6 pointsCome to Saturday school= 15 points

  • A teacher will give you a small citizenship points program slip. This must be taken home, signed by you and your parent, and returned the next day!You are responsible for making up your points yourselfno one is going to remind you unless you get to 85 or below!

  • Besides making up points, your teacher can assign you to detention for a more serious infraction, to have you make up missing work, or any other reason he/she sees fit.

    If you are assigned detention, once again, you will need to have your parent sign your detention slip and return it the next day. Your teacher will tell you when you must serve an assigned detention. If you fail to serve detention as assigned, you will find yourself in Mr. Holtkes office and he will double your detention assignment.

    Remember, if you are just making up citizenship points, it is up to you to decide when you will do that.

  • This is something you dont want to experience.! The most serious infractions will be written up as referrals and you will be sent to Mr. Holtke.

    All:fighting, sexual harassment, harassment, habitual ignorance of classroom rules, suspected dishonesty/cheating, destruction of school or others property, drugs/smoking/alcohol use or possession, etc.

  • Failure to serve assigned detention will result in doubling your detention assignment. (one missed detention will become 2 detentions, two missed detentions will become 4 detentions)Dress code-lose points, go changeCell phone/electronic devices/misuse of laptop-confiscationSchool start time 7:50am sharp!Laptop careGolden Rule


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