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1. YOUNG RESEARCHERS! Barrow in Furness 2015 2. Introduction Today we want to Tell you about our story Share our research results Make some recommendations Try to answer questions 3. Introduction We are from four different schools we have been researching about aspirations. This is what we did....... 4. First meeting We met at Cambridge Primary school we had a surprise visit from Neil Doherty and he explained to us what he wanted us to find out 5. We explored how wanted our team to work 5 How did we want our team to work? good communication respect listening working together honesty trust 6. Exploring Aspirations 7. Our Expectations Aspirations are a goal that you want to achieve most people have them lots of young people want to be famous 8. We learned skills, on how to be a good researcher to carry out the research about aspirations. Research 9. Research First we explored what research is Special type of finding-out activity.... Systematic Sceptical Ethical 10. The next step! make the surveys about aspirations choose the questions test the questions 11. The next step! Decide how we could get everyone to do the questionnaire Presentations in Assembly Teachers and parents 12. Kepplewray We went to Kepplewray to understand our results 13. The Data Back indoors! 14. 257 Parents - 36 Teachers - 33 These are the results: Total responses from Young People 15. Q2: Are you male or female? 16. Pupils: Do you have any aspirations or goals in your life, that you would like to achieve? 17. Parents: Does your child(ren) have any aspirations or goals that they want to achieve? 18. Teachers: Do you think that, in general, children in years 5 & 6 have aspirations or goals that they want to achieve? 19. Do children in years 5 & 6 have aspirations or goals? Teachers responses it depends a lot on their home environment their goals are sometimes limited, short term or unrealistic children are affected by a lack of opportunity or exposure to possibility Children sometimes find it hard to articulate their goals 20. Some of what Teachers said: It's difficult to have a goal if you don't know what is possible. Young peoples aspirations are sometimes quite far fetched, for things they have seen on tv, like being a pop- star or a footballer....because it offers a lavish lifestyle. All young people have dreams and aspirations ....all they require is support 21. Parents mentioned Careers in Sport Medical careers to Get a good job to become a Teacher 22. One parent with 5 children said to us My 16 year old wants to be a music teacher/rock Star, my 13 year old wants to be nurse, my 12 year old wants to play for England womens team, my 8 year old wants to own their own cafe, my 5 year old wants to be a fighter pilot... .... and my 3 year old wants to be a Ninja Turtle : ) 23. What are your Aspirations or Goals? Fire / Police - Accountant - Lawyer Creative - teacher Digital -archaeologist - work with Animals - become famous - Medical - Scientist - Improve my learning - beautician - hairdressing - BAE - motor-biker / racing driver - Travel - trade / commerce 24. What are your Aspirations or Goals? Noofpupils Aspiration or Goal 25. Main categories becoming a professional footballer / rugby player / runner / wrestler / referee / gymnast / tennis & table tennis player / swimmer / boxer / golfer / hockey player Sport Creative Digital Animals being a professional artist / designer / author or writer / performer or actor / singer / dancer / photographer / architect / chef / working in fashion working on You-tube / games designer / working in film being a Vet, working for the RSPCA, with Horses 26. If you DON'T have any aspirations or goals at the moment, have you had any in the past? 27. If you DON'T have any aspirations or goals the moment, do you want to have aspirations in the future? 28. Pupils: How confident do you feel that you can achieve your aspirations? Please think carefully about your answer 29. Parents: How confident do you think your children are that they can achieve their aspirations? 30. Pupils: What helps you be more confident about achieving your goals or aspirations? 31. Pupils: Are there any people who can help you achieve your aspirations or goals? 32. Teachers: 33. Parents: 34. Pupils: Do you think your aspirations will change as you get older? 35. Parents: Do you think children's aspirations will change as they get older? 36. Teachers: Do you think children's aspirations change as they get older? Answered: 32 Skipped: 0 37. Opportunities or chances Being encouraged Self esteem Feeling safe Being inspired Experiencing success Teachers: What do you think helps children develop aspirations or goals? 38. Pupils: How did you get you aspirations or goals? From Inside T. V. / on-line Parents Outside immediate family Friends Siblings Out of School activity 39. Pupils: What might stop you from having aspirations, or from achieving your goals? 46% inside me, which is things about who I am, how I feel and think. 45% outside me which is things that happen in life that I dont have control over 40. Summary Weve learned - about research - the majority of YP in Barrow do have or want aspirations - that young people think their parents are important for helping develop aspirations - that adults, teachers and children see their goals differently 41. Summary -parents and teachers take their role seriously -that many children see their goals coming from somewhere inside - some young people might have problems stopping them from developing aspirations, but others think nothing will stop them from following their goals 42. Our recommendations We recommend that more help is available for young people to believe in themselves, and to have aspirations that they follow young people have encouragement from parents, teachers, and others 43. Our recommendations We recommend that parents, teachers, and others are supported to help them develop young peoples aspirations there are more opportunities for young people to see what is possible through - making visits and trips out of school - through experts visiting class 44. Thank you for your time!!!! Any questions?


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