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You can master complicated yoga poses like arm balances. Get better at arm balances with these actionable tips.


<ul><li> 1. to get better at Arm BalancesBy Julia M. Hughes on Tuesday, 26 August 2014.Is Firefly eluding you? Are you afraid you'll fall flat on your face during Bakasana? Forearm stand got you down?Don't worry! We've all been there. Arm balances are all the rage, and they look really impressive. Arm balances are agreat addition to any yoga practice as they build stability and core strength.Arm balances do more than help you build physical strength. They also help you learn to persevere and not take youryoga practice too seriously. You will fall, and probably more than just once or twice. But once you master an armbalance, your strength, stability, coordination, and confidence will all improve.Here are 5 quick tips for improving your arm balances.1. Be aware of where you are.You will have much more success with arm balances if you are realistic about where you are as a yogi. Some armbalances are good for beginners, while others are more advanced. If you're a beginner, go ahead and try Scorpion,but don't be surprised if it's just a little bit out of reach.Conversely, if you're an advanced yogi and have been rocking bakasana for the past 3 years, consider trying</li></ul> <p> 2. something a bit harder like forearm stand. You won't improve as a yogi if you don't push your capabilities.2. Find a focal point.Just like finding a focal point in standing poses, finding a focal point in arm balances is essential. Find a stationaryfocal point at a comfortable distance out in front of you. Six inches is a good distance. If it's too far away or too close,it will be too hard to focus.3. Don't rush.It's easy to rush into the arm balance, but even if you've been working on a dozen sun salutations, it's important tomake sure you're moving into the balance slowly and with intention. When you rush, you topple.4. Open up.Before you go into an arm balance, make sure you are warming and opening up the body beforehand. It's muchharder to nail an arm balance if you're going into it cold.5. Press DownIn order to lift up, you have to press down through your hands. Make sure to press evenly through your hand, andreally engage your finger tips. Try to avoid putting all the pressure on the base of your palm as this will lead to credit: dejahthoris | ccPosted in Actionable Advice </p>