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Year 2010 -2012 of Architecture School at Southern California Institute of Architecture. Designing, drawing, building models, rethinking net zero housing and Architecture's purpose. Looking for new methods of construction.


  • YEK/PORTArchitecture/Photography/Design/Building

    May 2012R15Insistent Compulsive Queer

    YR 2010 - 2012

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    May 2012R 15Insistent Compulsive Queer

    YR 2010 - 2012

  • 4Yek.

    4aPr /Statement

    P1\r-k -tek-ch r\.Art and science of buildingFormation or constructionresulting from a conscience act.

    Creating structure that is appealing and performative. Using methods that are derivative of a life time of knowledge and experience. Pragmatic development at a component level to produce a cohesive unforeseen whole.

    Designing from a pragmatic logical start to create intelligent solutions for specifi c programs/ problems/ structures. Working and attacking the design problem in similar manner so that the aggregation/ assembly of components work together to create a cohesive design solution that is comprehensive.

    Architecture should effect and affect its inhabitants and on lookers. It should attempt to better the world through the built environment and be available to everyone. It should never only be superfi cial and post rationalized. It should never be faked in order to misrepresent its actually potential or lack there of.

    Architecture is in the details as its the details that are at a human scale and its human interaction with the built environment that makes architecture.


    /Museo Soumaya Adjacent + Raymundo

  • 5Yek.

    4a /Table of Contents Pr

    Contents4 P1

    StatementArt of building defi ned

    6 01Planet Fight Club

    Film stills to planet to fi lm

    8 03Hearst Tower

    Sustainable systems analysis

    9 05Farmers

    Film stills to planet to fi lm

    10 07Island of the Misanthropic

    Alternative living test bed for new urban city typology

    22 19Prada + Lomas

    Tectonic expression

    24 23Hoover Schemes

    Initial concepts

    26 25Speedway Foodie

    Residential block + gastro pubtrain bridge

    34 27Half Truss Table

    Mode stand + cool table

    36 35SCI-Arc Grad Pavilion

    Fabrication + documentation

    40 37JWRH

    Installation proposal

    42 39Union Station Master Plan

    Initial schemes + models/ drawings

    46 41Sky City Transit Master Plan

    Skyways and vertical streetsUnion Station master plan

    60 43M2CBWD

    Sustainable living

    62 45Mat Lab 2.0

    COB + OWF + mock up + testing

    70 57FReD

    Solar Decathlon scheme

  • 6Yek.

    3aVs /Planet Fight Club

    01Planet Fight ClubFilm Stills Transformed.

    Using Rhino to map images, textures and displacement maps to create an abstraction of a planetary mass.

    /Rhino V-Ray Render of Planet Fight Club

  • The ObserverModel Prep (1)

    3D Prints are rarely printed atSCI-Arc and left usually as a modernist white object.. Taking this opportunity to give the painted object additional texture and elements through the use of color.

    The ObserverInternal Physical + Animation (2)

    Continuing the use of color was adapted and pushed further by using a fi lm as a visual collage of intense color and textures through motion. Using this to effectively paint the interior of the model through projection on to the unfi nished white interior surface.


    /Planet Fight Club Vs3a

    /Physical Model Photos

    The ObserverPhysical Model

    Planetary mass base powder print painted and featured in a short fi lm. The model started in Rhino and utilized Grasshopper to create texture on various surfaces. This was then exported to Maya to print and animate.

    /Internal Physical + Animation

    /Model Prep (1)

    /Opening Sequence

    /Abstract End Sequence (2)


  • 8Yek.

    3aAp /Hearst Tower

    03Hearst TowerSustainable Systems Analysis

    First tower to receive LEED Gold Certifi cation for Core and Shell and Interiors in New York City

    - Foreign Materials

  • 9Yek.

    3a /Farmers Ct

    05FarmersUrban Systems Research Paper

    Farmers Markets in California would have seemed to be a peace, love and hippies Shannon Reid sort of endeavor but it becomes apparent how arduous the task can be in starting one and even participating in one.

    Certifi cation is done by the state and enforced by management organizations that are mostly non-profi ts. The largest non-profi t seem to fall under the for profi t category considering past and present incidents.

    At the core of the farmers market is the local farmer selling directly to consumers and this has been a part of California since 1977. More recently the popularity of these markets is the result of an economy that is looking for quality and affordability.

    Organizations like SEE-LA that help move this thinking forward with their markets and new cooking course. Better food, health, and overall quality of life. For most of the organizers there isnt much profi t after permitting, insurance and rent. Management and city only receive a small percentage of producers profi t.

    Resulting from the surge of customers, organizations like Raw Inspiration set up farmer markets whenever possible in places like Glendales Americana; traditional bottom up to top down business strategy. Authenticity comes at the price of the producers that have to pay more for these more desirable new hip venues.

  • 10Yek.

    3aSt /Island of the Misanthropic

    07Island of the MisanthropicA test bed for alternative living solutions for a new urban city typology. Proposing typical residential densities on a third of the land leaving the rest of grade as open space and the lower level as a public park.

    The Island of the Misanthropic is a community that is centered on a central Greenhouse Coop. A resident of this island in the desert will be required to work a minimum set of hours during the day (additional hours reduce rent) to maintain the co-op greenhouse. In return the resident will be rationed a portion of the harvested goods that will meet average nutrition requirements for an average individual.The residences will be highly effi cient and comfortable with views looking out and away from the island as well as an entry from the inner green house atrium. Each resident will have their own private green space to produce herbs or other plant varieties. The resident is not obligated to stay with-in the walls of the island and is encouraged to explore other exploits. Affordable comfortable housing and guaranteed proper nutritious meals will enable individuals to have a successful less stressful life outside of the island on a daily basis. Encouraging their other pursuits within the city will produce productive members of both societies. It is through caring for the green house that a sense of place, pride and community can be established.Affordable housing and proper nutrition will only help ease the stress of living an inhospitable and competitive environment. It is through living in this environment and the associated Island culture that a new paradigm will emerge, where effi cient living develops into the realization that the need for excess is not necessary for happiness, and that material obsession and drive can be replaced with a fulfi llment that comes from the interpersonal relationships developed within and outside the community.

    /Low Density Housing

    /Resort Style Development

    /High Density Tract Houses


    /Town Home Development

    /Miscellaneous Small Tract Developments

  • 11Yek.

    3a /Island of the Misanthropic St

    Misanthropic Structure

    The basic structural system in use is a modifi ed 3-pin arc truss. The primary structure (1) is constructed with a modifi ed wide fl ange with a rectangular tube welded to the outside. This acts as a rail to bolt various components. Primary structure has a hinge at its base and is held in place by a solid steel pin (2).Primary structure connects to a vertical vierendeel concrete truss (3). These are precast much like a large CMU and stacked. Their primary purpose is to act as an anchor to prevent the primary structure from moving on their pin connections,The concrete vierendeel trusses carry the residential units (4). The residential units are supported on a steel framed carriage (5) that also acts as a cross brace for the vierendeel trusses. All components are bolted/ pin together for ease of assembly.The primary and secondary structures are spanned by large rectangular wide fl ange steel trusses. These trusses range from a couple feet deep at the lowest level to 1-2 stories deep at occupied levels in the middle (6). A simplifi ed arc truss at the top (7) supports a circular welded tube frame for the PV fi lm glazing (8). Another simple steel frame and rails support standard frit glazing (9).Girders (10) that span between trusses are square steel tubes that get deeper toward the center reaching approximately 3 to span 45. Theyre minimum depth is 1 and are 14 spaced on center. Flat vertical steel is used to support an expandedmetal fl oor.Glazing is split between standard low-e frit glazing and a PV fi lm

    glazing. Standard glazing is mounted on steel frames that run up and over the structure. Each rail is connected to a bracket that connects the glazing system to the a tertiary truss system that is attached to the primary structure.The system as a whole brings loads from glazing to a tertiary structural system that then transfers their load to the primary structure to either grow surfaces trusses or foundation. All







    (8) (9)


    /Detail Transverse Section Drawing + Rendering

    structural members are tied together in various manners to