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MoMU Year End 2013 Newsletter


<ul><li><p>Y e a r E n d 2 0 1 3</p><p> I N T H I S I S S U E </p><p>Recap of Past Events 2013:</p><p>March</p><p>April</p><p>May</p><p>June</p><p>July</p><p>August</p><p>September</p><p>October</p><p>November</p><p>Thank You Message:</p><p>Our Members</p><p>Our Sponsors</p><p>E- NEWSLETTER VOLUME 2, ISSUE 8 </p><p>RECAP OF PAST EVENTS</p><p>MarchMoMU Welcome BBQ</p><p>January</p><p>The 2012/2013 MoMU committees met up with the Malaysian students at the pre-departure briefing before they start-ed their university journey. This event helped us to engage with students and provide tips on Melbournes day-to-day life.</p><p>Pre-Departure Briefing Event</p><p>On 10th March 2013, We held our annual Welcome BBQ at Flagstaff Garden to celebrate the start of a new semester. It was great to get to know our new members better over casual chats, delicious BBQ and some fun games.</p><p>MOMU MONTHLY</p></li><li><p>AprilMoMU Parliament House Tour</p><p>MoMU Welcome Back PartyAs the semester got busy with assign-ments and mid-semester tests, MoMU had a Welcome Back Party on the 29th of March at MAZE Fridays, South Melbourne just before the Easter Break. It was a fun night out with great music, booze and of course, the best company!</p><p>MOM</p><p>UMON</p><p>THLY</p><p> Year</p><p> End</p><p> 201</p><p>3</p><p>On the 5th of April, MoMU organized a trip to the Parliament House to let our members know a little more about Australia. The building that symbolizes Austra-lian democracy is also listed in the Victorian Heritage Register, evident by its classical building structure and impressive parliamentary chambers.</p><p>MoMU @ MUOSS Night Market</p><p>MoMU also participated in the MUOSS Night Market and had the opportunity to sell some delicious Malaysian delicacies, including the famous MoMU Teh Tarik! It was held on the 18th of April at the Macfarland Court and our stall drew a large crowd that night.</p><p>photo credits to Deep Golder</p></li><li><p>May</p><p>MOM</p><p>UMON</p><p>THLY</p><p> Year</p><p> End</p><p> 201</p><p>3 The MoMU Race</p><p>On the 27th of April, MoMU organized a MoMU Race and our members embarked on an Amazing Race-like adventure. Many people joined our event, building friendships and unforgettable memories while having the chance to race around Melbourne city.</p><p>YNJ Migration TalkMoMU collaborated with CTG to organise a YNJ Migration talk on skilled migration and the post-study work visa. This helped students to understand the process for PR application and for vi-sas extension too. Two sessions were held in the year, one being on the 30th of April that was held at the Alan Gilbert building and the other on the 17th of September which is held at the Red-mond Barry building.</p><p>Malaysian Sukaneka</p><p>MoMU, RUMA, VUMA, MSDU, MSA &amp; MSALTU organised the Malay-sian Sukaneka for all the members. The game tournament was held on the 18th May 2013 at Princes Park, Royal Parade. It was an event filled with great fun, joy and laughter. Also, not to forget the mouth-watering BBQ provided after the games.</p></li><li><p>July</p><p>AugustMOM</p><p>UMON</p><p>THLY</p><p> Year</p><p> End</p><p> 201</p><p>3</p><p>iDarts EventOn the 14th of July, iDarts QV Outlet had an event where MoMU members were entitled to two FREE games upon flashing their MoMU card. MoMU hereby expresses our gratitude to iDarts for being our sponsors and for having us that night.</p><p>On the 2nd till the 4th of August, MoMU organized its annual ski trip to Falls Creek. Everyone had lots of fun skiing and not to mention, falling! Friendships were strengthen during the three days and there was also a snowball fort fight on the very last day to mark the end of this amazing trip. This was indeed a memorable event for MoMU and all our members.</p><p>MoMU Annual Ski Trip</p><p>MoMU: Back To School Pyjamas Party</p><p>The Winter holidays didnt just end like that, it ended with a bang. MoMU alongside with Mink Fridays, organised a Back to School Pyjamas Party at Mink nightclub on the 9th August. Everybody went all out, came rocking in their pyjamas and partied the night away. It was a fun night out while we had the achance as we knew we would soon be grinding ourselves with coursework.</p></li><li><p>September</p><p>MOM</p><p>UMON</p><p>THLY</p><p> Year</p><p> End</p><p> 201</p><p>3 MoMU AGM 2013A big Thank You to the old committees of 2012/2013 and welcome to the new committees of 2013/2014. Our annual MoMU AGM was held on the 13th of August and boy was it an intense one! This years AGM lasted for 3.5 hours, with members voicing their opinions by asking candidates questions on the management of the club. We, the new committees of MoMU, hereby promise to give our very best in creating an environment where hearts belong.</p><p>Merdeka Event</p><p>Every 31st of August, MoMUs Malaysian spirit will be at high tide to commemorate our countrys Independence Day. This year, we collaborated with RUMA to organise iShow Malaysia, an event where members told their stories through Wayang Kulit. Many creative and unique story lines were present-ed and we ended the night by singing the National Anthem. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!</p><p>Festival of Nations</p><p>During Diversity Week, MUOSS organised Festival of Nations at North Court of Union House on the 11th of September. MoMU had the opportunity to set up a MoMU Kopitiam, where we sold Tom Yum Bihun, Soya Cincau (Michael Jackson) and Kuih-muih. Sales was really good and we couldnt have done it without you. So, thank you to all who came to give us support albeit your busy schedule. Whats better than good food, great performances and the best company?</p></li><li><p>MOM</p><p>UMON</p><p>THLY</p><p> Year</p><p> End</p><p> 201</p><p>3</p><p>October</p><p>Grand Malaysian Ball</p><p>Badminton Outing</p><p>Accenture &amp; TalentCorp Information Session </p><p>Grand Malaysian Ball, as the title says it all, it was GRAND. It was held at a beautiful venue, the Leonda by The Yarra, on the 27th of September. Ladies came striking in their gorgeous gowns and men were all suit-ed up. Patrons fine dined, enjoyed the performances, took amazing photos and ended the night at MINK.</p><p>Not forgetting about sports, MoMU organised a badminton outing on the 30th of September at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC). There was also a friendly match towards the end and a big congratula-tions to all winners.</p><p>Accenture and TalentCorp are both re-nowned companies and we were delighted to have the chance to work with them. A talk on Internship and Graduate Program opportunities was delivered to our mem-bers . This event was jointly organised with MASCA and held on the 7th of October at Lecture Theatre 2 in Bouverie Street.</p></li><li><p>MOM</p><p>UMON</p><p>THLY</p><p> Year</p><p> End</p><p> 201</p><p>3</p><p>Thank You to our members</p><p>MoMU DayNot to forget, Monthly,</p><p>Halloween Event</p><p>On 18th October, we had a Halloween Fright Night with tons of fun, games, food and music. Members put on their scariest Halloween cos-tumes (remember Captain Jack Sparrow?) and we all had a great time. It was a good night before the dawn of exams and we hope you enjoyed yourselves.</p><p>MoMU Day, the last Thursday of every month, is the last day every member looks forward to! On this day, we will give out free lunch to our members as we live by the saying of To give as much as you receive. It is our way of saying Thank You to our members for your constant support and love. By completing a simple task, each member is entitled to a free meal. Remember to be quick as our meals run out fast!</p><p>The MoMU committees would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all MoMU members for a wonderful and amazing year. 2013 has been an exciting year for all of us, filled with unforgettable memo-ries. It is because of you, our members, that make us determine to improve our club every day. We will give in our best to organize more events, activities and to also bring in new sponsors in the coming year. Malaysians of Melbourne University isnt just a club, its a home to all Malaysians in Melbourne and truly a place where hearts belong. We love each and every one of you and you are the reason for us to strive to be better! Once again, thank you all and we hope to see you in 2014! Please anticipate for a fun and exciting year ahead of us!</p><p>Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all MoMU members! </p></li><li><p>MOM</p><p>UMON</p><p>THLY</p><p> Year</p><p> End</p><p> 201</p><p>3</p><p>Our Sponsors </p><p>We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all of our sponsors. In the absense of your understanding and support, we would defintely not be what and were we are right now, a home for more than 750 members! We hope that our partnership continues in the coming year and we look forward to better collaborations between you and our club. Thank you for giving MoMU members exclusive benefits </p><p>and deals. We apologize for any inconveniencee caused.</p><p>Thank You!</p><p>Thank You to our sponsors</p><p>Have a Wonderful New Year </p><p>&amp; See you in 2014!</p><p>For more information and enquires, send us an email to </p><p> or message us on our Facebook page</p><p>Also, Visit our website at</p><p>Follow us on Twitter : @momuiansFollow us on Instagram : @momumomu</p></li></ul>