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  • 1. Pre-Briefing WPCT-17
    Palm BreweryThursday, June 24th

2. What to expect today?
15.30 16:00Welcome
16.00 17:00 Presentation WPC 2010
17.00 17:30Visit of the brewery
17:30 ...Drink & networking

  • Provide all the necessary information to enable you to prepare thoroughly

and get the maximum out of your WPC!

  • Get to know the Belux delegation, and... Enjoy the beer!

Do not leave today with unanswered questions around WPC
3. WPC attendees
Beluxt attendees 2010

  • 83 individuals

38 CEO/Managing Partner level
31 Director/Manager level
60 partners reprensented
5 women (2 last year)
26 Microsoft employees
4. Belux attendees
Belux Delegation

  • Your buddy

5. Your Partner Account Manager 6. Belux Management team & interesting people to meet with4
Peggy Janssens Dynamics PAM Lead
Andr Huynen
Carl Vanden Eynde
Solution Sales
Hans Verbeeck
Evangelism Manager
Peter Dedrij
Philippe Lemmens
Server & Tools
Marc Charlier
Dynamics Lead
Phillip Vandervoort
Tom Costers
OEM Director
Steven Stokmans
7. OverviewWPC Agenda & Keynotes
8. Saturday, July 10 - Arrival

  • Arrival Belux Delegation

9. No official programBelux Evening activity
06:30 PMGathering @ JW Marriott
07:00 PMDinner at Elephant & Castle
10:00 PMIts Saturday Night...
Elephant & Castle pub and restaurant just one short block from the JW Marriott, the adjacency to the host
hotel and casual atmosphere make this venue the best option for a stop by dinner. And its a Saturday night, so the bar is sure to be packed with locals.
Lets us know if you want to join us
10. Sunday, July 11 - First activities
First opportunity to have meetings in theconvention center
Belux Evening activities
02:00 PM 02:30 Meet @ bar (tbc)
02:30 PM 05:00Watch the Worldcup Final
05:00 PM 06:00Return to the Convention Center
06:00 PM 07:30Welcome Reception
07:30 PMGather @ Convention Center
07:45 PM - ....World Cup after party
Make sure to pick up your badge!
11. Monday, July 12 Keynote Steve Ballmer
Shuttle Service is available from the hotel to the Verizon Center
06:30 7:30 AMRegistration open
06:30 8:00 AM Breakfast
08:00 12:00 AMVision Keynotes @ Verizon Center
Vision Keynote Line-up
08:00 08:15 Welcome by Allison Watson
08:15 09:00Keynote Steve Ballmer, CEO
09:30 - 10:00Break
10:00 10:45Stephen Elop, President Microsoft Business Division on Wave 2010
10:45 11:15Tami Reller, Vice president Windows, on the Windows 7 Momentum
11:15 12:00Bob Muglia, President Server & Tool Business covering Microsofts Cloud story
12. Monday, July 12 Continued
02:00 03:00 PMSolution Value Keynotes @ Convention Center

  • Maximizing Your Opportunity with Server & Tools

13. Accelerating Your Wins with Windows 7 14. Windows Phone 7 Value Keynote 15. Microsoft Dynamics Keynote Session 03:00 03:30 PMBreak
03:30 04:30 PMInteractive Discussion & Breakout session
04:30 05:00 PMBreak
05:00 06:00 PMInteractive Discussion & Breakout session
Will Take place @ Grand Hyatt Hotel
16. Monday, July 12 Continued
Belux Evening activity
Unique Welcome reception @ the Residence of the Belgian Ambassador
05:30pm Gathering in front of the Convention Center
06:00pm Transport to the Embassy
06:30pm Welcome by Ambassador & Phillip Vandervoort
08.30pm Transport to the City Center

  • One of the most beautiful buildings of Washington D.C.

17. Purchased by The Belgian Government in 1945 18. A vital backdrop for Belgiums diplomatic activities in the U.S. capitalToday the Belgian residence is more livable than ever before and has resumed its role as a stately setting for social gatherings animated by conversations about politics, trade, business and the arts. Marly has become a symbol of Belgian hospitality, bringing through its architecture, dcor, and ultimately the ambassadors who live here a touch of the capital of Europe to the capital of the United States..
19. Tuesday, July 13 Keynote Allison WatsonPartnering together in the Cloud
06:30 08:00 AM Breakfast
08:00 12:00 AMVision Keynotes @ Verizon Center
Vision Keynote Line-up
08:00 08:15 AMWelcome Allison Watson
08:15 09:00 AMConsumer Keynote
09:00 10:00 AMPartnering together in the Cloud by Allison Watson
10:00 11:00 AMBreak to return to Convention Center
11:00 12:00 AMSolution Value Keynotes

  • Maximizing Your Opportunity with Server & Tools

20. Microsoft Dynamics Keynote Session (Repeat, Grand Hyatt hotel) 21. Accelerating Your Wins with Windows (Repeat) 22. Windows Phone 7 Value Keynote (Repeat)02:00 03:00 PMBusiness Model Keynotes
23. Tuesday, July 13 Keynote Allison WatsonContinued
02:00 03:00 PMBusiness Model Keynotes

  • Microsoft Dynamics Business Model Keynote (@ Grand Hyatt)

24. Microsofts Cloud Vision for Hosting and Telco Service Provider Partners 25. ISVs, Cloud, and Mobility: Capturing the Opportunity 26. Learning Business: Past, Present and Future 27. Extending Your Business - The Cloud Opportunity For Resellers 28. Solution Partner Business Keynote hosted by Ross Brown, VP WW Partner Sales 29. Driving Our Business Forward through Distribution 30. Preparing the LAR Program to Succeed in Todays Environment (@Renaissance) 31. OEM Through Distribution 03:00 03:30 PMBreak
03:30 04:30 PMSessions
04:30 05:00 PMBreak
05:00 06:00 PMSessions
Take advantage to follow these session spefically aligned to your type of business
32. Tuesday, July 13
Belux Evening activity
City Tour & Dinner
05.00pm Gathering in front of the Convention Center (L street doors)
05.30pm Depart City Tour
05.45pmDrink with rooftop view
06.15pmCity Tour
07.30pm Dinner at Old Ebbits
One of the citys finest tour guides will introduce you to the history and architecture of Washington DC with stories, facts, trivia and perhaps a few old
wives tales as you explore monuments, memorials and notable buildings.
Along the way, you will drive by The White House, Smithsonian Institution Complex, Inaugural Parade Route and the Washington Monument.
Enjoy a drink with rooftop view.
33. Wednesday, July 14 Keynote Bill Clinton
07:30 09:00 AMBreakfast
Vision Keynote line-up
09:00 09:45 AMA-list, overview innovative new technologies
10:00 11:00 AM Keynote Bill Clinton
11:00- 12:00Keynote Kevin Turner
Segment Value Keynotes
01:00 02:00 PMTelco and Media & Entertainment Industry
Transformation Enables Partner Opportunities
Winning Together in the Small and Midmarket Segments
01:00 02:30 PMEnterprise Solutions Leadership
Shared Opportunities through Shared Impact in Public Sector
02:30 03:30 PMSessions & Interactive Discussions
03:30 04:00 PMBreak
04:00 05:00 PMSessions & Interactive Discussions
34. Wednesday, July 14
Belux Evening activity
Georgetown PAM Dinners
06.30pm Gathering at JW Marriott
07.00pm Depart
07.30pm PAM Dinners
Get the best dining in Washington DC with this Dine-Around. You have the
chance to eat in one of the best restaurants Washington DC has to offer.
Get the best dining in Washington DC with this Dine-Around.
You have the chance to eat in one of the best restaurants Washington DC has to offer.
35. Thursday, July 15 Regional Keynote
07:30 09:00 AMBreakfast
Regional Keynotes
09:00 11:00 AMWestern Europe Regional Keynote
Driving Solutions (v-alliance, deal registration, VAD) Speaker: Robert Helgerth
Moving to the cloud Speaker: Robert Helgerth
MPN landing- Guest Speaker Lovisa Kristiansson
11:15 - 12:15 PMBreakout Sessions & Interactive Discussions
36. Thursday, July 15 Belux Afternoon
Belux Evening activity
12.30pm Gathering in front of Convention Center (L street door)
12.45pm Transport to Sequoia Restaurant
01.00pm Barbeque @ the riverside
04.30pm Transport back to the Convention Center
05.00pm Partner Reception @ Convention Center
07.00pm Party Time!
Located right on the waterfront of the Potomac River on K Street, Northwest D.C., Sequoia is one of the trendiest places for D.Cs hipsters to dine.This will certainly be a Belux afternoon to remember.
37. Hot Topics during WPC
Confidential Draft
Cloud Services

  • Covered during keynotes

38. 31 session available through session schedular 39. Understand business opportunities by partner types, eg hosters, distributors, LARs... 40. Different tracks: Azure, BPOS, Windows Intune, Dynamics CRMMicrosoft Partner Network

  • Visit the Microsoft Partner Network booth #484 in EXPO Hall

41. Learn everything there is to know about the Microsoft Partner Network 42. Build a customized