would you hire you? 8 job networking mistakes to avoid to shorten your job search

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Networking mistakes to avoid when doing your job search and how to shorten your job search with better job networking


  • Would You Hire You? 8 Job Networking Mistakes To Avoid To Shorten Your Job Transition Chuck Feltz EM: chuck@chuckfeltz.com Twitter: chuckfeltz
  • Full Disclosure
  • Who needs to be thinking about this? Those in job transition Those looking for first position Those wanting to create career breakthrough
  • #1 You cant CLEARLY articulate what youre looking for
  • If you cant, who can? And by the way, A challenging position where I can leverage my people skills is not going to work EVER.
  • #2 You know NOTHING about me or my company
  • Taking the time to do research is the difference between a serious networker and a professional VISITOR.
  • #3 You have no clear VALUE proposition
  • If you dont know what problem you can solve for companies and why you are uniquely qualified to do so, you are NOWHERE near ready to network seriously.
  • #4 When asked tell me a bit about you, you walk them through your resume A L L O F I T !
  • You weren't asked to provide your autobiography! If you cant talk confidently and unaided for 1-2 minutes about who you are and what makes you unique, you need to STOP networking until you can.
  • #5 You fumble the Table Stakes questions
  • There are questions you know will be asked. If you struggle with these, you lose momentum, confidence and IMPACT.
  • #6 You have no POINT OF VIEW on key industry issues
  • Can you really have years of experience, education and strengths and NOT have a POV on key issues within the industry and how to solve them?
  • #7 The Experience of You is haphazard and unintentional
  • You CANNOT NOT create an experience Its simply a matter of how intentional it is.
  • #8 You have the WRONG goals for your networking meeting
  • Your goal isnt a new job after this meeting. It is to create 2-3 warm referrals with potential hiring managers.
  • People will refer you for 2 reasons: 1. Because you have impressed them 2. Because you will make them look good If you fail here, you have missed the point ENTIRELY
  • Never put someone else in the position of determining your relevance: you should be clear on how you matter and WHY YOU MATTER
  • EM: chuck@chuckfeltz.com Twitter: @chuckfeltz LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ chuckfeltz/