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World War I: U.S. Goes to War. 1914-1920. U.S. Neutrality. Pres. Wilson= policy of neutrality I mmigrants from the Central Powers sympathized Most backed the Allies Heritage & Propaganda. U.S. Neutrality. British navy blockaded Germany & laid mines in the N. Sea - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


U.S. Goes to War

World War I: U.S. Goes to War1914-1920U.S. NeutralityPres. Wilson= policy of neutralityImmigrants from the Central Powers sympathizedMost backed the AlliesHeritage & Propaganda

2U.S. NeutralityBritish navy blockaded Germany & laid mines in the N. Sea1915, German responded= war zone around BritainAny ship= subject to attack

3U.S. Neutrality5/7/1915, U-boat torpedoed the Lusitania, 128 Americans dead savages drunk with bloodGermanys defenseAnnounced it was a war zoneCarrying arms for Britain

4Road To War3/1916, French passenger ship attackedWilson threatened diplomatic tiesGermany responded: Sussex PledgePromised not to sink liners

5Road to WarAccused Wilson= weak, others abandoning neutralityMilitary preparedness programNatl Defense Act increased # of soldiers in the army$313 million in naval build upStill trying to mediate= unsuccessful

6Road To War2/1917, Germany resumed U-boat warfareTo defeat Allies before U.S. joinedWilson broke diplomatic ties & armed U.S. shipsGermans sank 5

7Road to War3/1/1917, Zimmerman Note- intercepted cableProposed Mexico alliance w/ GermanyHelp MX reconquer NM, TX, & AZ4/6/1917, Congress declared war

8Quick ReviewWhat was the major issue for the U.S. during its policy of neutrality?

What caused Wilson to break off diplomatic relations w/ Germany?

What was the cable known as the Zimmerman Note?

Activity: Graphic Organizer: U.S. Entry into WWIThe dates: March 1916, February 1917, March 1917, April 1917EventsSignificance

Activity: Decoding the Zimmerman NoteLook at the coded note and the decoded versionBy good intelligence the U.S. was able to intercept this messageWith a partner, create your own code and write a short message using your code.Partners will switch messages and try to decode each others notes.