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This is a summary of the major regions in the world.


<ul><li> 1. World Regions{What is a region?</li></ul> <p> 2. Definition: A region is an area with common features that set it apart from other areas. Regions can vary in size from very small to half of the earths surface.What is a region? 3. Make a Chart for Region Notes 1. Go into PAGES and open a new blank landscape document. 2. Insert a Table with 5 columns and 6 rows. 3. In the first column, add the title WORLD REGIONS 4.Below that box add the titles: DEFINITION CHARACTERISTICS EXAMPLES PICTURES MAPS 4. WorldRegionsDefinitionCharacteristis ExamplesPicturesMaps 5. WorldPhysicalRegionsRegionDefinitionCharacteristis ExamplesPicturesMaps 6. Definition = Regions defined by Earths natural environment. Characteristics = physical regions have common landforms like continents, mountains, plains, etc. Examples: Rocky Mountains, Coastal Plains, etc.Physical Regions 7. WorldPhysical Climate RegionsRegion RegionDefinitionCharacteristicsExamples PicturesMaps 8. Definition: measures weather pattern of anarea over a long period of time.Characteristics: rainfall totals, temperatures:averages, highs, and lowsExample: climate at equator is hot andhumid, climate at north pole is a cold andsnowy.Climate Regions 9. WorldPhysical Climate CulturalRegionsRegion RegionRegionDefinitionCharacteristis ExamplesPicturesMaps 10. Definition: The language, religion, and ethnic heritage of a group of people. Characteristics: groups with common languages, religions, nationalities Example: Latin America is a cultural region...( it includes South America, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands ... most people speak Spanish, Portuguese, or French... most of the people are Roman Catholic in faith... it puts together a wide range of people with similar characteristics.)Cultural Regions 11. WorldPhysical Climate Cultural PoliticalRegionsRegion RegionRegion RegionDefinitionCharacteristis ExamplesPicturesMaps 12. Definition: the area contained is set up by a government. Characteristics: the physical, cultural, and climate regions might be very different within the region. Examples: the United States, China, Texas, MichiganPolitical Regions 13. Assignment1. Add pictures &amp; maps to each of the columns that represent the region.2.(Use Google Images)3.cite the URL source at the bottom of the picture.4. Upload the table to Moodle</p>