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<p>ESCOLA SECUNDRIA DE SEVERIM DE FARIA English 7th Grade</p> <p>TOPIC: Personal Information / Countries / nationalities (Informao Pessoal; pases e nacionalidades) COMMNUNICATION: asking and answering about countries and nationalities ( perguntar e responder sobre pases e nacionalidades ) GRAMMAR: Verb to be affirmative / negative / interrogative forms ( verbo to be- afirmativa, negativa, interrogativa)</p> <p>COUNTRIES / NATIONALITIES</p> <p>3- Write questions and answers.</p> <p>NOTA: Wheres?= Where is? Onde ? It is - </p> <p>WHERE ARE YOU FROM?NOTA: - Where are you from ?De onde s? - Im from Sou de </p> <p>________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pgina 2</p> <p>________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pgina 3</p> <p>________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pgina 4</p> <p>WHAT NATIONALITY ARE YOU ?1- Complete the following table. She comes from... (country) France English Scotland</p> <p>( Qual a tua /sua nacionalidade ?)</p> <p>She is... (nationality)</p> <p>She speaks... (language)</p> <p>American Irish Russia German Scotland Spain Portuguese Australia Japanese Greece Brazilian Indian Canada Spanish China</p> <p>2- Complete the sentences with the correct nationality. a) What nationality are you? _________________________________________________________ b) She is from France. She is _________________________________________________________ c) They are from Madrid. They are ___________________________________________________ d) We are from China. We are ________________________________________________________ e) He is from England. He is _________________________________________________________ f) You are from Brazil. You are ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pgina 5</p> <p>GRAMMAR FOCUS</p> <p>Pay attention to the following sentences.Jazz is / isnt French. Elton John and George Michael are / arent American. Is JK Rowling British ? Yes, she is. No , she isnt. Are Cristiano Ronaldo and Nuno Gomes Portuguese? Yes, they are. No, they arent.</p> <p>1- Complete the tables with the verb TO BE.NEGATIVES I He/She/It We/ you / they Interrogative Are you she/he/it they/we/you British ? American ? Chinese? Yes, I am. No, Im not. Yes, she is. No, she isnt. Yes, they are. No , they arent. m not / am not British American Chinese</p> <p>VERB TO BE Simple Present(VERBO SER /ESTAR)</p> <p>VERB TO BE Simple Present(VERBO SER /ESTAR)</p> <p>NEGATIVE ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________</p> <p>INTERROGATIVE ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________</p> <p>________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pgina 6</p> <p> Practice.1- Rewrite the sentences to make them true. Example: JK Rowling is American . ( British) JK Rowling isnt American. She is British.</p> <p>1- Pizzas are Greek. ( Italian ) ________________________________________________________________________ 2- Hes American. (Canadian ) __________________________________________________________________________ 3- Baseball is Spanish. (American ) __________________________________________________________________________ 4- Youre Brazilian. ( Portuguese ) __________________________________________________________________________ 5- Seville oranges are French. ( Spanish ) __________________________________________________________________________ 6- Shes English. ( Irish ) __________________________________________________________________________ 2- Rewrite the sentences in the interrogative form.( Reescreva as frases na forma interrogativa) Example: JK Rowling is British. Is JK Rowling British?</p> <p>1- Pizzas are Italian. ________________________________________________________________________ 2- Hes American. __________________________________________________________________________ 3- Baseball is Amerivan. __________________________________________________________________________ 4- Youre Brazilian. __________________________________________________________________________ 5- Seville oranges are Spanish. __________________________________________________________________________ 6- Shes English. __________________________________________________________________________</p> <p>________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pgina 7</p>