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What to say AppropriateWords Of Sympathy Four Simple Tips

Writer and photographer: Denise WozniakSpeaker and mother of deceased child

Inappropriate: I know how you must be feeling

Try this:I cant imagine how you must feelI can only guess how you must be feeling

Inappropriate: Time heals everythingThis implies a person will only miss someone for a certain amount of time.

Try this: Im so sorry

Inappropriate: Theyre in a beautiful place now

Not everyone has religious or spiritual beliefs. Its wrong to assume.If you feel comfortable with your ability and mutual friendship, offer your support (not religious or spiritual support).

Try this: Let me know if you want to share

Inappropriate: Everything happens for a reason

This can be particularly hard for a parent to hear from someone expressing sympathy or anyone experiencing a loss through tragic circumstances.

Try this: Life can be difficult to understand.

Its important to conquer your fear of what to say.If you dont know whether you are intruding, just ask.Be a good listener.Try to keep your sympathy simple.

Please feel free to let us know whathas helped you at times of loss.