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Window Coverings. Whether you require child-safe, environmentally friendly, energy efficient or fire retardant window coverings, YES the perfect solution is readily available. YES has you covered. Manual FleX Shades . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Window CoveringsWhether you require child-safe, environmentally friendly, energy efficient or fire retardant window coverings, YES the perfect solution is readily available.

YES has you covered.

We are working with numerous school districts, hospitals and architects with in our area to design sustainable solutions that reduce facility construction and operating costs.

YES Window coverings can help you address these challenges in a cost effectiveand practical way.

Allowing YES to install well-designed motorized or manual shading solutions not only save energy and money, but also optimize natural light.


Manual FlexShades are a sensible, easy choice for standard window treatments. Choose from a wide range of attractive, light-filtering and light-blocking fabrics to enhance a building's energy efficiency.Manual FleX Shades Studies have found that students perform better with access to views and natural light.Tests have shown improvements in learning retention of up to 21%.

Installing Manual Flex shades which is light-filtering and light blocking filters direct sunlight to eliminate distractions from glare and reflections off of walls, desks, and computers, while providing the natural sunlight to the students.

Available in two different operating styles: Clutch-operated and Spring Roller operated2

Manual FleX Shades Window shades provide sustainable productive and a comfortable environment for learning. 3

Chain-driven shades and roller screens are a great solution for solar protection and room-darkening systems.Chain Driven


MagnaShade is a super-wide roller shade. It does the job of multiple shade bands without the unsightly seams.MagnaShade Small Profile. Big Solution

Magnashade is a motorized shading system that bridges the light gaps and minimizes the seams between large window panes.

Other reasons to choose to install roller shades are Roller shades when installed can block up to 99% of UV radiation. Saving energy for cooling and heating and using more natural light to reduce power consumed by light fixtures.


Uninterrupted shading or blackout Everyone is well aware of UV radiation and its harmful effects on skin and the leading cause of skin cancer but it is also the leading cause of fading to interiors such as furniture, floorings, wall coverings, artwork and photographs in buildings.

Choose YES and our solutions and we can protect the people and property within your buildings. 6

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds come in a large selection of options , dozens of colors and custom coloring is also available.

We can discuss what manufacturer would be best for your specific application. I work close with Levolor and Hunter Douglas amongst others to design the best solution for you.

Many of our customers like the top down/bottom up option as it allows the room to keep its need for privacy with natural lighting at the same time.

Also Darkening collections maximize privacy, while letting Light Filter in with the top down option.

Cordless options available. 7

Mechanical Shade Control Device

New mechanical shade controls allow you to control the shades by remote, key, or switch.

ESI controlled over the wireless network will allow you to control up to 256 devices, mostly often controlling roller shades for privacy and security reasons.

Remote controllable shades make it easier to operate shades in difficult-to-reach areas.They reduce the time in manually opening and closing shades.

Unfortunate in today's world this has been a great solution for protecting our children. Shades have changed a lot as to how we use them, their applications have become important when talking and thinking about security within our schools and buildings. We can have the shades lower during an emergency and then again return to full height when the area has been secured.

They have also taken on a new application in our hospitals, as we now have the capability to give the patient the ability to open and close their own shade, this in turn frees up the nurses from answering the call bell to do this and is important to the safety of the patients getting up themselves risking injury. 8


Wrap up:YES provides shades for 100s of public and private schools universities and hospitals, to name a few we are all familiar with Hofstra University, Rockefeller University and Bellevue Hospital (Steven Alexander the Executive Director). Window coverings provide cost efficiency and energy savings. Window Covering keeps rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer.Shades maintain good outward visibility while retaining shading performance and privacy.

Thank you

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