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  • 1. .NET Portfolio
    Willie Jackson

2. Contents
Library Application Phase 1: Windows Forms
Library Application Phase 2: Website
Library Application Phase 3: Web Service
XML Parsing Application
3. Library Application: Phase 1
Create a Windows Forms based application that will provide a librarian with a visual interface through which librarian functions are performed.
Create and implement classes to represent library members and books.
Stored Procedures in Transact-SQL on MS SQL Server.
Use ADO.NET to make calls to the database.
Incorporate n-tier architecture for scalability.
Create an intuitive interface that requires minimal training.
Effective error and exception handling.
4. Retrieves data from a database through Stored Procedures
5. Makes calls to stored procedures from the data access layer
6. Uses a business layer to separate data access from presentation
7. Clear and intuitive user interface
8. All functionality was built using Object Oriented Concepts
9. Library Application: Phase 2
Use ASP.NET to create a web interface that uses the same back-end as the Phase 1 library application.
Create and use ASP.NET master pages to provide a consistent look across all web pages.
Use Membership Roles to allow access of management system to librarians only.
Display information in a grid via the ObjectDataSource control.
Use validation controls to validate user entered data before postback.
10. Markup for the web page allows the librarian to check out a book
11. C# code behind file for the Check Out web page
12. Clear and intuitive web interface
13. Library Application: Phase 3
Create a Web Service that allows partner libraries to use the main librarys business layer via the internet.
Create Customization of XML attributes.
Usage of certificates for security, signing , and encryption.
Creation and interpretation of custom Fault Exceptions.
14. The service contract used by the Library Web Service
15. Makes calls to the same business layer as Phases 1 and 2
16. Partner libraries are able to access the database via the client class
17. XML Parsing Application
Create a web site that allows users to edit XML files without actually reading through XML files.
Create Ensure that users can update XML files with minimal training.
Only allow authorized users to edit the files.
Use a multi-tiered programming approach.
Use LINQ to XML to work with the XML files.
18. Used Object Oriented Concepts to convert contracts into objects
19. Used LINQ to XML in the data access layer to query files
20. Allows user to easily edit XML files