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from my recent trip to Tanzania. 2012


  • 1. Wildlife, Tanzania 2012 On our Kilimanjaro climb trip we spent a day in the Ngorongoro Crater where wildlife is abundant.
  • 2. Zebra - Equus quaggaEach individual has a unique stripe pattern.
  • 3. Golden Jackal, canis aureusGreat sequence later in the show of a jackal chasing a newborn Thompsons gazelle.
  • 4. Cape Buffalo, syncerus caffer One big animal!
  • 5. Cape Buffalo
  • 6. Wildebeest, connochaetes taurinusTens of thousands of these curious creatures in the crater.
  • 7. Wildebeest with newbornThis youngster is probably only a week or two old.We saw adult females with placenta still attachedand babies with the umbilical chord still attached.
  • 8. Warthog, Phacochoerus africanusFunny looking, but nobody messes with them except maybe a very hungry lion. They tolerate the birds as they eat bugs and ticks.
  • 9. Thompsons Gazelle, eudorcas thomsonii Lots of very young babies like this one.
  • 10. Weaver nests
  • 11. Black Stork, ciconia nigra
  • 12. Ostrich, struthio camelus Big Bird
  • 13. Kori Bustard, ardeotis kori Love the name!
  • 14. Black Kite, milvus migrans Lots of them around the lunch spot. Not safe to eatchicken in the open. A friend had a piece of chicken taken out of her hand halfway to her mouth by a kite.
  • 15. Grey Crowned Crane, balearica regulorum National bird of Uganda
  • 16. Grants Gazelle, nanger granti Larger than the Tompsons.
  • 17. Black Rhinoceros, diceros bicornis Battleship of the savanna. Endangered becausepeople in Asia believe that the ground up horn of the Black Rhino is an aphrodisiac.
  • 18. Spotted Hyena, crocuta crocuta
  • 19. African Elephant, loxodonta africana Males tend to hang out in the crater while thefamilies stick to the crater rim. (fewer predators)
  • 20. Hippopotamus, hippopotamus amphibius
  • 21. You can just drivearound me.
  • 22. Lion, panthera leoA gorgeous female probably not more than 15 from our vehicle.
  • 23. Baboon, papio anubis Do not feed them!
  • 24. Lion LoveWhen the female is in heat a lion couple may mate as many as 20 times. Better safe than sorry.
  • 25. Predator/Prey We were privileged to get to see a Jackal attempting to take a baby (1 to 2 week old) Thompsons Gazelle. What followed was one of the most remarkable scenes.
  • 26. Young Thompsons GazelleSeparated from its mother, the baby was vulnerable.
  • 27. The Jackal approches
  • 28. The chase is onAs soon as the jackal began to chase the baby gazelle, who wasamazingly fast, the mother gazelle ran at the jackal, trying to distract and/or slow it down.
  • 29. The jackal catches the babyBut because the mother gazelle is in close pursuit the jackal cant stop to finish the kill. The baby dropped to the ground and the jackal overran it.
  • 30. Jackal trying to scare Mom off.
  • 31. Now several adult gazelles get involved.
  • 32. They will just NOT leave me alone!
  • 33. OK OK, uncle, I give up, leave me alone.
  • 34. The End We had an amazing day in Ngorongoro Crater. Such abeautiful lush environment where dozens of species live in a balanced system of predators and prey drawn to the crater by the abundant water, good grazing, and protected environment.

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