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<p>Titel</p> <p>WIDENING YOUR TASKS IN AGILEan experience talkClaar van Houtum, MScQA Professional SYSQA B.V.</p> <p> SYSQA Almere1ANTONY MARCANODont put me in a boxKeynote @ Agile Testing Days 20142</p> <p>https://vimeo.com/121759157Login: KeyAntMarc@ATD14 SYSQA Almere</p> <p>3</p> <p> SYSQA AlmereSnelStart means quick start usability important!</p> <p>Hard tester34Scripted testingExploratory testingDetailed scriptingGlobal scriptingSession based testingBug huntsTest toursPure exploratory testingSituational Testing SYSQA AlmereHardcore tester, nothing else.</p> <p>Structured, but not scripted which form why?</p> <p>Detailed scripting documented for future use, letting other people walk through the scripts, knowledge in documents, not in testers</p> <p>Session based testing FAT: mission for this session, test points to take in to account AT LEAST, based on people knowledge as well</p> <p>Bug-hunts bugy functionality, lay-out. Quick insight in the quality, based on our knowledge of the complicated parts.</p> <p>4</p> <p>5SCRUM at least in name SYSQA Almere</p> <p>6</p> <p> SYSQA AlmereHuge backlog: 600 productbacklog, often about 30 in the sprint.</p> <p>So: like i said, we were working SCRUM, but in name. No, it wasnt very SCRUM, but it was the best we had.</p> <p>Marcano! Seeing more then you have to do, so I thought next slide.6</p> <p>You dont have any excuse7 SYSQA Almere</p> <p>8</p> <p> SYSQA Almere9</p> <p> SYSQA Almere1. Problem; 2. My action; 3. Team action910</p> <p> SYSQA AlmereWhat about you?11</p> <p> SYSQA AlmereIts simple, small, but you have to do it, translate it to action: think out of the box! Antony!Dont be shy, take action!One at a time! Priorities first!Know WHY you do something!11You dont have any excuse!12</p> <p>cvanhoutum@sysqa.nl+31-644270664@claarvH</p> <p> SYSQA AlmereGet on board! Make it more fun for yourself and the team!12</p> <p>PLEASE EVALUATE MY PRESENTATION BY USING THE RATING FUNCTION WHICH YOU CAN FIND AT MY SESSION DETAILS ON: </p> <p>www.agiletestingday.nl </p> <p>THANK YOU!</p>