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  1. 1. Why Regent? Because its not the other guy- 2016 Freshman (Finance) Student Jody Murphy Training Coordinator (Hopeful) Regent University-08/24/16
  2. 2. Among the top reasons to choose a college, how do we measure up!
  3. 3. Online Bachelors Programs Nationally Online Graduate Education Programs in Virginia Online Bachelors Programs in Virginia Online MBA Programs in Virginia The what, why, and where of Regent University
  4. 4. Regent History
  5. 5. Not a Bible College
  6. 6. "When we find a purpose that is bigger than ourselves, we become more powerful in our ability to create." Jack Delosa
  7. 7. Career Connections Over 100 internship programs Daily activities for networking options Mixers Socials Extra Curricular Volunteer Wednesday Chapel Student Connection Center for Student Happiness
  8. 8. Size Reason and Faith- That is what makes us different Record enrollment-Fall 2016 70 Acres Small school < 20 = 61.9% 20 49 = 38.1 %2016 Record Increase 27% 86% Overall New Students
  9. 9. Student Body 34 Average Age 43% Minorities 74 Countries Represented Diversity above average Foreign Exchange Programs Study Abroad Programs
  10. 10. New Academic Programs and Student Services Motto Center for Student Happiness
  11. 11. Campus Facts 3rd safest
  12. 12. Beauty Library Fountain
  13. 13. Discover On Snapshot Scholars Online Individual & Group Special Events Campus Life & Visiting Opportunities
  14. 14. Local Area
  15. 15. Tuition & Financial Aid Federal State Private Institutional
  16. 16. Academics School of Business & Leadership School of Communication & the Arts School of Divinity School of Education Robertson School of Government School of Law School of Psychology & Counseling Increased course tracks in Science
  17. 17. Robertson Hall
  18. 18. Science, Technology, and Math Department Forbes June 5th, 2015
  19. 19. Forensic Assessme nt team
  20. 20. ReviewIn order for me to assist you in meeting your needs, please take a moment to complete the following Exit Ticket. I will recap our key points while you do so.
  21. 21. Exit Ticket
  22. 22. Driving the Leadership Force Vision, mobilizing people toward change; Serving, by building emotional bonds; Leading others to greatness, by developing people for future responsibility.
  23. 23. Servant Leadership
  24. 24. http://ppt- lt.crystalgraphics.com/lt_abstract01_a m_34_powerpoint_templates_title_sli de.jpg
  25. 25. 39 Undergraduate Degrees including high demand concentrations such as Business, IT, Law, Nursing, Psychology and Joint Degree Opportunities 49 Graduate Degree Programs including but not limited to: Divinity, Communications, Education, Law, and a Masters/Doctorate Psychology Program
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