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  1. 1. Why EngagementIs Good BusinessONACamp PhoenixNovember 8, 2014
  2. 2. Read more about it stevebuttry.wordpress.com slideshare.net/stevebuttry @stevebuttry stephenbuttry@gmail.com
  3. 3. 3 types of engagement Engage community in our journalism Engage community in marketing efforts(news & biz collaboration) Help business customers engage w/ ourcommunity
  4. 4. What is engagement?
  5. 5. Whats the payoff? Better journalism Increased traffic (ad impressions) More time w/ content (more value) Expand audience Improve brand
  6. 6. Live coverage Berkshire Eagle murder trial: 25Kengagement hours News-Herald: Jan-Feb: from 7 to 24 liveevents, 35K to 83K engagement minutes Dorner manhunt: 4.7M minutes Gettysburg 150: 5 days, 35K+engagement minutes daily, peak of 96K+
  7. 7. Liveblogging situations Breaking story Meeting Event (festival, march, concert, trial) Daylong (Election Day, weather) Sporting event (can use fans, bloggers,HS journos) Live chat
  8. 8. Community network Community supplements your coverage& fills gaps Community network can drive traffic toyour sites (offer widgets) Opportunities to sell advertising incommunity blog network
  9. 9. Host some group blogs Community clubs Community religious organizations Youth sports teams Neighborhood groups Music (marching bands, church choirs,garage bands, youth recitals) What else?
  10. 10. Dont forget the promotional &commercial value of goodjournalism
  11. 11. CT Twitter study: Newsroom accounts mostly heads & links @5thDistrictCT conversational (links tocompetition, RTs, replies, great info) @5thDistrictCT = 2x to 10x more referralsper Twitter follower
  12. 12. Tips for being conversational: Monitor @ mentions & reply (answerquestions, thank for links, address critics) Make link posts conversational Reply & RT RT competition, community bloggers Ask questions
  13. 13. Social media = journo tool1. Livetweet events &breaking news2. Search3. Crowdsource4. Monitor communityconversation5. Curate6. Hashtags7. Lists8. Embed tweets instories9. Photos & videos10.Verification
  14. 14. Promotion also matters Posting photos increases engagement onTwitter Posting links (that pull in good photos)works best on Facebook (for now) Experiment & watch metrics to learn besttimes & ways to post
  15. 15. Market your content Community Facebook groups, pages National niche groups, pages Hashtags that reach interested audiences Comments on related blogs Emails (or social media messages) tobloggers, influencers Check Klout for influencers
  16. 16. Contest possibilities Holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving,Christmas, Valentines, Mothers Day,Fathers Day, July 4) Seasons (fall colors, winter photos, etc.) Children, pets Sports Treasure hunts
  17. 17. Contest tips Photo contests rock Facebook works (brings new likes, helpsyou in news feed algorithm) Which is better judging or voting? Experiment, learn, laugh Dont forget the print product
  18. 18. Contest sponsorships Get advertiser(s) to provide prizes Event at sponsors business What else?
  19. 19. engagement
  20. 20. Business opportunities Social media agency for local businesses FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat accountsoffering local bargains Local search Transactions for local businesses
  21. 21. Content for hire Blogs for local businesses (your site &theirs) Expert content for businesses (stories,videos) Live content for businesses Apps for local businesses Commissioned obits, life stories
  22. 22. Protect your integrity Separate content-for-hire staff Set standards (accuracy, corrections) Label content on your site as sponsored Continual conversation about ethics Be explicit about protecting editorialintegrity Who cant be customers?
  23. 23. Read more about it stevebuttry.wordpress.com slideshare.net/stevebuttry @stevebuttry stephenbuttry@gmail.com