why companies should embrace working remotely?

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  • 1. Why companies should embrace working virtually?

2. Work is not a place. Its a thing to do. Many global businesses today use a mobile work strategy in fact 83% of companies will by 2014. 3. What are the benefits from employers point of view? 4. Flexible work programs reduce Flexible work programs unscheduled absence reduce by unscheduled absence by 63% 63% 5. Average cost per employee per year in unscheduled absence is 1,800 6. Companies can afford to hire the Top Talents regardless of the location 7. The increase of productivity is up to 64% 8. In sales calls and presentations, tablets are replacing boards and brochures and GoToMeeting appointments are replacing traditional sales presentations. 9. Look around! Coffee shops are offices. Any Starbucks will reveal people running their business from their iPad and their apps. 10. What are the benefits from employees point of view? 11. You can work from anywhere.... 12. Literally .... ANYWHERE 13. Employees are able to use device of their choice for work, including consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops 14. 60% of the employees would likely leave their jobs if they lost their ability to work flexible 15. Flex employees are 55% more likely togo the EXTRA MILE for their employers! 16. 90% of flex workers are happier with the harmony in their lives because of mobile workstyle options 17. Mobile Workstyle SolutionsExecutive Mobility Work with people, data and apps from the latest devicesBring-Your-Own-Device Embrace consumerization, empower employees and simplify ITWorkshifting Move work, cut costs and delight employeesMobile Device Management XenMobileFor more information on the solutions, please visit www.thintech.co.uk 18. For more information on the mentioned solutions, contact us at:Thintech Limited, The Innovation Centre, Maidstone Road, Chatham, Kent, ME5 9FD t: 08445 671 049 e:info@thintech.co.uk w: www.thintech.co.uk 19. In this new era, work is no longer a place its something that you do anywhere the inspiration strikes. This is better for people, better for IT, and better for business. Experience work and life in harmony.

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