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Why a good marriage works:. Why a good marriage works:. Difficult for me - personal Students remember this more than any other presentation Thank you I have never seen what a good marriage is like. Symbols of love & the marriage are important. The rose Rings. The story of the rose. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Why a good marriage works:Why a good marriage works:Difficult for me - personalStudents remember this more than any other presentationThank you I have never seen what a good marriage is likeStudents remember this more than any other presentation

2Symbols of love & the marriage are importantThe roseRingsThe story of the rose

Rose storyIn our house today..We met in churchParents rose bush1st. Date Suit of armor Head on shoulderEvery week every month once a monthDaddy, can I get Mommys rose?Sent rose FTDOne son tried itRings10 year ring25 year ring40 year ring Custom madeAt the Acropolis in Athens GreeceRose gold40 pink diamondsRuby for each childAbout 50 stones too heavyHistoryTogether every day since we were teenagersHer memories are my memoriesTravel - Taj Mahal, Pyramids, Golden Pagota, Acropolis, Tower of London, Red square, Myan Pramids of Chetznetsia, Eifel tower, Great wall MoviesMarry someone like yourselfHomogamy = Like marries likeAge, Race, Religion, Education social class = similar attitudes etc.PersonalitiesBoth quietWe never asks for anything No To do listsI always spend money on her never myselfClothes - vaseHeterogamy = Opposites attractWants to be taken care of & want to care forBoth needy & both dominate doesnt workMake the other person feel importantGood night love you I know love you toGood morning how are you feeling?Waving good-byHow can I help you?Fight the world, but never each otherExperiences create intimacy and bondingBirths 1st. Child 2nd child 3rs. childDeaths Parents - sisterSurgeries She hadBreast Cancer right side left sideTubal legationGaul bladderHysterectomyBreast reductionCarpel tunnel surgeryKnee surgeryMy detached retina surgeryOther important items:Body & stable personalityOverweightDiabetesSleep aptnea (trouble breathing)Depression (chemical)Knees hurtBack hurtsShoulder hurtsHonesty - Never liedTrust Red ballCommunication Santa Ana parkCriticism Any foolOther important items:Find out what the other person wants and help them get it.PreschoolTime by themselves or othersGo with the flowWillow tree bends and does not breakDealing with differencesAccept the other person as they areDont try to change themException = Drugs, alcohol, emotional or physical abuse, anything that reduces your respect for yourself just leaveMessy vs. neatT.V. & reading