Who is God for an agnostic?

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Private opinion on the concept of God.


<ul><li> 1. as an agnostic I sometimes think about the concept of God photo by Ben Rayal </li></ul> <p> 2. I imagine a role model who I look up to, someone like a father photo by Gwenael Piaser 3. or an admired grandpa photo by Dustin Oliver 4. who knows everything I do photo by Christopher Cotrell 5. hears every word I say photo by Alexandre Dulaunoy 6. or just think photo by David Cornejo 7. every photo by David Yee 8. every single photo by Nick Perez 9. every single thing photo by Ben 10. maybe its just me but it seems photo by Ben Rayal 11. creepy as hell photo by Michael Pujals 12. what do you think ?comment below slideshare.net/RandomInsight </p>