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Whitefish Bay School District Employee Presentation. Population Health Program. On average, for every 100 employees 60 have a sedentary job 50 feel theyre under moderate tension 50 dont wear their seatbelt regularly 35 are overweight by 20% or more 30 smoke - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Whitefish Bay School District

    Employee PresentationPopulation Health Program

  • On average, for every 100 employees60 have a sedentary job50 feel theyre under moderate tension50 dont wear their seatbelt regularly 35 are overweight by 20% or more 30 smoke 27 have cardiovascular disease25 or more have high cholesterol10 are heavy drinkers10 have high blood pressure5 diagnosed diabetes, 5 undiagnosed

  • Choosing a Healthy LifestyleLifestyle Risks:SmokingPoor eating habitsAlcohol useLack of ExerciseHigh Risk Conditions:High CholesterolHigh Blood PressureAlcoholismObesityChoosing a healthy lifestyle is key to your wellness.

    75% of all illness is related to lifestyle choices.50% of all premature deaths are due to unhealthy lifestyles!

  • Health Risk Assessment

    Free to Whitefish Bay School District employees and spouses with WEA Trust as Primary Health Insurance.Health Screenings will be offered in NovemberScreenings will be offered at most school locations.Onsite Health Screenings are 15 minute appointments.It will take 15 minutes to fill out the online Health Risk Assessment questionnaire.All results are completely confidential!

  • Biometric Screening:

    Total CholesterolHDL - Healthy CholesterolLDL Unhealthy CholesterolTriglycerides

    The confidential biometric screening includes:Glucose (Blood Sugar)TC/HDL RatioBlood Pressure & Height/WeightWaist Circumference

    Full Lipid / Glucose Panel

    You will receive your screening results during your scheduled appointment time and the Aurora Health professional will provide you with a brief explanation of your results.

  • Screening Preparation Telephonic or electronic appointment registration

    Be sure to fast 12 hours prior to your screening

    Continue to take ALL prescribed medications as directed


  • WEA Trust Online QuestionnaireAfter your screening appointment you will complete the Online CONFIDENTIAL Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire, that covers areas such as: Biometric Screening Results: Have the results from your screening appointment ready when you begin the online HRA as you will enter these results into the assessment. SmokingSeat belt useExercise

    Eating habitsAlcohol useStress

  • Online Questionnaire Registration

    *To register for the first time on the Trust in Your Health Portal, go to trustinyourhealth.com. Step 1 - Select Subscriber or Spouse/Partner and Step 2, click on Register. If you need assistance, call Alere toll free at (877) 805-0738.


  • Validation * Next, fill in the information in the boxes as directed. Do not include hyphens or dashes when entering your subscriber ID. If you dont know your subscriber ID, hover over the 1Dont know your Subscriber ID# ? for more information. Click on 2Validate when done.


  • Complete registration*1Now provide the e-mail address you wish to use for logging on to the Web site after you complete the registration process. Note: Subscriber and spouse/partner must each have a unique e-mail address for confidentiality. 2Next select three password security questions, answers, and hintsagain for confidentiality purposes. 12

  • Complete registration (continued)*

    3Check the box next to I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 4Click on Register.134

  • Successfully registered* Congratulationsyou are successfully registered! Next time you log on you will only need to Sign In using your e-mail address and password to access the entire Web site.

  • Health Risk Assessment Process After the process is complete.Received a results sheet with your biometric test results.Completing the online questionnaire;Review the comprehensive report online or print a paper copy.Access many online health resources within the Trust In Your Health Portal.Receive a $25 prepaid card about eight weeks after completion. If eligible, receive an invitation to participate in the Living Well Program.Share your results with your primary care physician.Your results are confidential! Whitefish Bay SD will not receive any individual results or health information. Whitefish Bay SD will receive a de-identified group report summarizing the primary health findings. Report will support the district in offering health enhancement programs.

  • Living Well Weight Management ProgramWant to be a part of an effective health and lifestyle modification program for only $25??? . Living Well Program is a 6 month programProgram is divided into two phases; Three months of weekly meetings Three month maintenance program Focuses on strategies to improve lifestyle habits through regular counseling, education, and exercise.Offered at the WISCONSIN ATHLETIC CLUB North Shore Location

  • Next Steps! Online or telephonic registration available after in the coming weeks. More information coming by email QUESTIONS



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