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Wheres Sparty? Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Alumni Association Slide 2 Where's Sparty? Hes at the Stuever family's Lynn Island Farms with two of his biggest fans. The girls plan to be part of the third generation of the family to graduate from MSU. Their Stuever grandparents, plus their mom, dad, four Stuever aunts and three Stuever uncles all went to MSU. Photo by their favorite aunt, Anita Stuever, '74 ANR Education, '78 Education. at Lynn Island Farms. Slide 3 Sparty is inspecting my children's newest 4-H project, a box of day-old ducklings and turkey poults that arrived by mail. My 9-year-old wants to farm and has her sights set on CANR. My 6-year- old plans to be an MSU cheerleader. I'm a 1996 Agriculture and Natural Resources Communication grad. My husband, Bob Battel, is a 1995 Crop and Soil Science grad. We received Sparty from my sister Anita Stuever, also a CANR alum. -Sue Battel Slide 4 Wheres Sparty? He joined me, Patricia Wilde Orlowitz, 79 Ag Comm and Nat Resources, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We stopped at the post office (oldest building in Phnom Penh, built 1895) on the way to work at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Sparty liked riding to work in my usual mode of transport, a tuk-tuk (motorcycle pulling a small cart). And Sparty is happy to be in Cambodia, where he saw how USAID is working to help farmers improve productivity, encourage household gardens which provide a better diet for families plus an income, and reduce malnutrition, a serious problem in Cambodia. Thanks to the American people, the United States is helping to improve Cambodians lives. Slide 5 Wheres Sparty? Hes cheering Go Green on Sunday, March 11 (Big Ten game day!), in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with Patricia Wilde Orlowitz, class of 79 Ag Comm and Nat Resources. He volunteered with me to lead Storytime with young pre-schoolers through first graders at the library of Pannasastra University of Cambodia. The kids joined Sparty, the librarian and university student volunteers in waving hello to all Spartans around the world. Slide 6 Where's Sparty? He is with AFRE Professor Emeritus Jake Ferris on the Island of Kauai in Hawaii. They are overlooking Hanalei Bay. Slide 7 Where's Sparty? He is still with Jake Ferris. This time at Wailua Falls. These are the water falls featured in "Fantasy Island" the TV show. Remember "De plane, de plane." As he was getting the picture taken, one young woman noted his hat and shirt and said, "Oh, someone from Michigan State!" And then she said, "And there's Sparty!" Slide 8 Sparty and I visited the Fort Worth Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas! -Juli Kalmar CANR Class of 2008 (Animal Science) Slide 9 Sparty On from Colonel Sander's grave in Louisville, KY! -John Kalmar Slide 10 Where's Sparty? He's at the kick-off event to celebrate National Ag Week with MSU Alumnus, Spartan Saga feature, and professional speaker Michelle Payn-Knoper! Michelle came to the Plant & Soil Science Building on March 12th to help MSU students start an open, honest conversation about how food gets from the gate to the plate. Thanks Michelle for being a positive voice for agriculture and supporting our land-grant institution! Slide 11 Sparty at the University of Maryland Campus Farms with Kathryn Reed, CANR, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and Special Events Slide 12 Sparty with MSU alumni and friends living in the Washington DC area. Also pictured is Interim Dean Buhler and MSUE Director Tom Coon. Slide 13 Sparty is on Study Abroad with a group of students from the School of Planning, Design and Construction in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Slide 14 Sparty in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil with students from the School of Planning Design and Construction. Slide 15 Sparty has been to the UC Davis Campus with R. Manjarin, who recently finished PhD program at MSU ANS department. Slide 16 Sara Casey helps Sparty check out a book at the library! Holla! Slide 17 Where's Sparty? Sparty attended a customer quail hunting event with 1985 ANRE graduate, Roger Swartzendruber, near Sylvester, Georgia at Southern Woods Plantation. Slide 18 If you look closely, Sparty is watching as "Elvis" and ''Jen" are pointing a covey of Quail while "Potter" awaits the command to flush. Sparty was near Sylvester, GA at Southern Woods Plantation. Slide 19 Sparty visited the Fighting Irish on the campus of Notre Dame with four proud Spartans: Skip Hardie, Jolene Griffin, Staci Garcia and Greg Miller. Slide 20 Sparty loves HNF 472 recitation with Nicole Nagarah and Ellen Darnall! Slide 21 Where is Sparty? He is at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. with Lisa Wiegerink Steffes and Sandy Larson Slide 22 Sparty on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Lisa Wiegerink Steffes is a MSU CVM class of 1999 alumni and Sandy Larson is a MSU CANR Food Science 1996 alumni. Slide 23 Sparty saying....What happens in Vegas stay's in Vegas with Lisa Wiegerink Steffes and Sandy Larson at Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada Sign. Slide 24 Sparty made an appearance at the 150th Anniversity of the Homestead Act at the May 20th Ceremony at the Homestead National Monument of America in Beatrice, Nebraska with Paul C Hay, '73 Crop & Soil Science. The 150th Anniversity of the United States Department of Agriculture and the Land Grant College act were also signed by President Lincoln in 1862. Slide 25 Sparty on bus ride from Twin Cities to northern for MS150 bike ride this weekend with Marcia Popa. Slide 26 Sparty Saturday night after 75 miles of riding MS150 from Proctor MN to Hinckley MN in MS150 (he actually didn't ride on the bike...) with Marcia Popa. Slide 27 Sparty at the top of Vodno in Skopje, Macedonia with Megan Falvey.