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<ul><li><p>Whats the DifferenceBetween Scholarly Journals</p><p>andPopular Magazines?</p></li><li><p>Who wrote the article? </p><p>Scholarly</p><p> Signed by the author Written by scholar or </p><p>expert Provides authors </p><p>credentials and affiliations May have multiple </p><p>authors</p><p>Popular Most articles are </p><p>unsigned Written by journalist, staff, </p><p>or free-lance writer</p></li><li><p>Scholarly Sources cited: </p><p>bibliography or reference list</p><p> Endnotes &amp; footnotes</p><p> Written using specialized language of the discipline</p><p> May have an abstract</p><p>Characteristics</p><p>PopularProbably doesnt contain bibliographies</p><p>Written for a broad audience</p></li><li><p>Editorial Oversight</p><p>ScholarlyControlled by peer review or referee process</p><p>What is Peer-reviewed or refereed? </p><p>(See next slide)</p><p>PopularReviewed or assigned by editor</p><p>Publication may do fact checking, spell checking and grammar</p></li><li><p>Peer-review process</p><p>1. Author writes &amp; </p><p>submits article manuscript to </p><p>journal</p><p>2. Journal Editor sends manuscript to expert reviewers to evaluate </p><p>quality of research, write-up, and conclusions </p><p>3.Expert reviewers return manuscript to editor with </p><p>suggestions for changes, if any, or recommendations to </p><p>publish or not to publish</p><p>4. Editor reviews </p><p>suggestions &amp; returns </p><p>manuscript to author for revision</p><p>5. Author revises </p><p>manuscript and resubmits</p><p>6. Journal Editor includes in </p><p>Journal issue</p></li><li><p>Appearance &amp; Frequency</p><p>Scholarly Published quarterly or </p><p>monthly Utilitarian appearance, </p><p>few photographs</p><p>PopularPublished monthly, weekly or daily</p><p>Contain many advertisements</p><p>Journal may be in the title (Ladies Home Journal), but the publication isnt scholarly</p></li><li><p>Content</p><p>Scholarly Focus on narrow </p><p>subject, detailed analysis</p><p> Longer articles, usually about research</p><p> Charts, graphs or tables</p><p>PopularArticles of general interest or current newsShort articles (less than 5 pages)Lots of photographs and glossy paper, eye-catching graphics and layout</p></li><li><p>Publisher</p><p>Scholarly Published by </p><p>professional association or academic press</p><p> Many journals use successive pagination throughout the year</p><p>Popular</p><p>Published by media conglomerate or commercial publisher</p></li><li><p>Scholarly</p><p>Available from University Library, lab or office</p><p>PopularAvailable from newsstand or home subscription</p></li><li><p>Scholarly</p><p> May have multiple authors</p><p>Articles are organized specifically, including an abstract, a literature review, discussion of methodology, and results or conclusions. </p></li><li><p>The previous descriptions apply to print versions of popular magazines. Web versions, zines, online newsletters may be different.</p><p>Most electronic journals will meet the same standards as the print; you can use the same criteria to decide if it is scholarly or not.</p><p>Still confused? Theres help!</p></li><li><p>Gale</p><p>Ebsco</p><p>ProQuest</p><p>Wilson</p><p>OraskaLibrarian</p><p>Many databases provide assistance in limiting a search to only peer-reviewed articles.</p></li><li><p>Think youve got it?Hold on a minute, there are also </p><p>Trade Journals and Commentary that are out there as well. </p><p>American Libraries</p><p>Police Chief</p><p>HR Focus</p><p>Tea and Coffee Trade Journal</p><p>The American Scholar</p><p>The Atlantic Monthly</p><p>New Republic</p><p>National Review</p></li><li><p>TRADE Journals</p><p> Are published by professional or trade associations</p><p> Have a specific and limited audience Contain advertisements related to the </p><p>profession Provide a forum for job advertisements Use jargon of the industry Contain photographs of trade/industrial setting</p></li><li><p> Intellectual subject matter Comment on current issues Cultural or political subjects May have a political leaning, left </p><p>or right Literary, artistic, dramatic </p><p>criticism</p><p>These journals, while not reporting research, may be helpful if you seek informed opinions or ideas.</p><p>CHECK WITH YOUR INSTRUCTOR AS TO WHETHER OR NOT THIS TYPE OF SOURCE IS APPROPRIATE FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT</p><p>Commentary</p></li><li><p>Reference ListIs it scholarly? 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