what should i know before buying a convertible?

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  1. 1. For decades, the convertible has been a symbol for glamor and cool. A top-down car racing down the freeway while the wind blows the drivers hair with wild abandon isnt just a part of car culture, its a part of modern-day Americana. But like many fantasies, the image and reality dont always match up. Here are some things everyone thinking about buying a convertible should know
  2. 2. It seems obvious to say, but many people dont consider that the roof of a convertible has to go *somewhere* when its retracted. For both soft top and hard top convertibles, that somewhere is the cars trunk. Modern convertible tops are designed to be easy to use and to take up as little space as possible, but no matter what you do, putting down your convertibles top is going to be taking away a good chunk of the cars storage space.
  3. 3. In addition to limited trunk space, convertibles tend to have less room for passengers, as well. While some convertibles are technically 4-seaters, most of them have small rear passenger sections that will be uncomfortable for many adults, especially over long distances. If you need a car that will be used to transport more than two people on a regular basis or requires a decent amount of trunk space, then you may have trouble finding a convertible that meets your requirements.
  4. 4. Convertibles also come with extra upkeep that has to be performed, in addition to the usual maintenance that car owners need must do on their vehicles. The interior of a convertible is regularly exposed to the elements in a way that regular car interiors are not, and both hard roofs and soft roofs have their own associated costs. Soft tops have to be replaced when they wear out, and the machinery that retracts a hard top can break, leading to a potentially costly repair.
  5. 5. Another thing to consider about convertible ownership is that not every area has ideal weather for a topless car. Rain, snow, dust, heavy wind, excessive heat or cold, and other environmental factors can easily ruin a convertible ride, especially if they are a frequent occurrence on the roads in your area. It should go without saying, but having a garage is basically a prerequisite to owning a convertible.
  6. 6. Because convertibles come in a variety of models, its hard to say whether or not they get better or worse mileage as a group compared to other kinds of cars. Midsize convertibles with four- or six-cylinder engines can usually be counted on to get more than 20 miles per gallon, but luxury models often have V8s or other powerful engines that eat up a lot of gas, usually getting less than 20 miles per gallon.1 When shopping for a convertible, dont assume every model will have the same mileage; get the numbers for each model youre considering.
  7. 7. Most convertibles come with safety features such as roll bars and side airbags that protect passengers during accidents, but for some models, they are only available as optional add-ons. Additionally, convertibles offer less security from thieves than closed cabin cars. Being conscious of security and safety at all times is a must for anyone who is considering buying a convertible.
  8. 8. Owning a convertible requires lots of attention toward maintenance and safety. But for drivers who are willing to devote the attention to those things that are necessary, a convertible comes with many advantages, too. Convertibles give their owners a chance to experience the road like no other car, and are the perfect choice for drivers who feel freest when driving, the wind in their hair and a full view of the horizon in front of them.
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