what is symbaloo? home always a fast start, your favorite websites, online tools, and resources...

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Slide 2 What is Symbaloo? Home Always a fast start, your favorite websites, online tools, and resources organized on your homepage. Personal Organize your favorite websites and online resources in one place. Share Share your favorite links, websites and Symbaloo pages with others. Symbaloo is the best and simplest starting point on the Internet Slide 3 Slide 4 Basic Certification Learn all Symbaloo how-tos. Student Certification Students will learn Symbaloo basics and Digital Citizenship. PD Certification Learn Symbaloo basics, resources according to specific grade levels, and other other web 2.0 tools. Certified PD PRO Become SymbalooEDU expert and ambassador. Go to http://www.symbalooedu.com/certification/ for more info.http://www.symbalooedu.com/certification/ Get Certified! Slide 5 Organize and share the best of the Internet with your whole school! A custom URL (web address) for your school http://jouwschool.symbaloo.com. Your entire school with the same customized homepage. All relevant websites and Internet resources organized in one place. Available anytime, anywhere: on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Suitable for students and teachers alike. SymbalooEDU Premium Version Slide 6 Let all employees, students, and teachers save time. Simple online resources to engage in use throughout the school. Prevent teachers and students from losing important links and data. Customize your homepage with your schools style, including logo and background. Access anywhere and anytime, at home, on mobile or tablet. Personalized support by email, skype, and phone. Advantages of SymbalooEDU Premium Slide 7 Customize Your Symbaloo Page By subject By module By project By year By teacher Anything is possible. Slide 8 A SymbalooEDU Premium Version is centrally managed by one or several administrators Centrally Managed One administrator may be responsible for the homepage of many different schools. Make any changes you would like and with the click of a button, all users will see your updated version. Customized Pages Teachers can create their own pages for their subject, class or group. Simple Administrators Environment The administrator panel is simple and can be used without extensive computer knowledge. The Administrator Environment Slide 9 Organize Content All links that teachers need are collected at a single web address (login required). Easy Management Content can be classified easily in terms of tiles and tabs. Tiles and tabs can be used for different subjects, schools, classes, projects, or anything else you can think of! Branding Give your schools version a professional look with a customized school web address (URL), customized content, and your own logo. Possibilities of SymbalooEDU Slide 10 SymbalooEDU Prices From $25 / year - per 50 students School/District starting at $10 a month More options available upon request Includes the creation of custom tiles made up of widgets or other technical adjustments. Slide 11 Switch to SymbalooEDU Do you have a Symbaloo account and want to switch over to EDU? Send us an email edu@symbaloo.com with your account email address.edu@symbaloo.com Slide 12 For More Information Check out our website at SymbalooEDU.comSymbalooEDU.com Check out our Symbaloo Introduction Video.Symbaloo Introduction Video Or contact us: edu@symbaloo.com Twitter: @SymbalooEDU@SymbalooEDU Symbaloo on Facebook