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  • 1. Trk changes with the changing times. Folk songs always have a story behind them. Sometimes it is a love story and sometimes it is the expression of deep emotions. You can feel the sorrow of a mother asking about her son lost in the war, or a young newlywed couple not wanting to leave each other alone for fear that something may happen to one or the other. The regional mood also affects folk songs. For example folk songs from the Black Sea are lively in general and express the customs of the region. Folk songs are called "trk", reflects the events experienced by Turks.

2. Turkey has got seven regions. Each region has its own folk style. Each folk song has a story.These songs are played by the folk song instruments. 3. String Instruments Wind Instruments Percussion Instruments 4. String Instruments a. Divan Saz (Meydan) b. Balama c. Tambura d. Cura e. Kemene f. Kabak Kemane 5. a. Divan Saz: The Divan Saz is the largest of the Baglama family. It is also called the Meydan saz. 6. b. Balama: The baglama is smaller than the divan sazi and larger than the tanbura. 7. c. Tanbura: An instrument between the cura and baglama in size, it occurs in many regions of Turkey. 8. d. Cura: The smallest member of the baglama family, it is found in nearly every region of the country. 9. f. The kabak kemane (gourd fiddle) The kabak kemane (gourd fiddle) is commonly used in the Aegean region of Turkey. Traditionally made from a water gourd, the body can be constructed of wood as well. 10. e.Kemene This is the most widespread folk instrument of the eastern Black Sea region. It can be played either seated, resting the instrument on the knees, or standing up supported solely by the palm of the left hand. 11. Wind Instruments Zurna Mey 12. Zurna It is a common instrument, played together with the davul (double-headed drum) in nearly every region of the country. 13. Mey The mey is a widespread instrument in Eastern Anatolia. It has seven holes on the top and one thumb hole in the back, and a range of an octave. 14. Percussion Instrument Davul Darbuka Kak Tef 15. Davul The most characteristics of the Turkish folk percussion instruments, the davul is played in every region of the country. It is a double- headed drum. It is beaten with a heavy stick with a knob on the end held in the right hand, called a omak or tokmak, and a thin stick held in the fingers of the left hand, called a ubuk. 16. Kp (Darbuka) This is a goblet-shaped drum, played in several parts of Anatolia, popular among women musicians as well. It is originally made of red clay. The goat or cow hide stretched across the mouth creates a pleasing sound, especially when heated. 17. Kak (Wooden spoons) Wooden spoons are used for eating and also used as a percussion instrument. Typically held two to a hand, they are commonly used in folk dances. 18. Tef Known in every region of Anatolia, the tef consists of a frame 20-40 cm in diameter with a thin skin stretched over one side.