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<p>What is an e-portfolio?</p> <p>What is an e-portfolio?How understanding this helps making use of PebblePad What is an e-portfolio?</p> <p>But you dont need to carry it around with you And both the tutor and the student have it at the same time(there is no need to hand it in/submit for assessment)http://e-portfolio.plymouth.ac.ukTerminologyPepplePad termReal world equivalentAssets All documents that the students have, this will include all their evidence, reflections and the portfolio (OAR)WorkbookThe nursing practice portfolioWorkspaceThe classroom, the place where the work exists so that tutors can mark it. This is accessible through ATLASPebblePadA personal space where a student can sore their work online.ATLASAn institutional space, where documents can be shared with cohorts of students and student can submit work to their tutors for assessment.</p> <p>Assets</p> <p>=</p> <p>The portfolio is considered on of the students assets. The majority of assets will be evidence collected and uploaded The Portfolio</p> <p>=</p> <p>How do the students get their Workbook (Practice portfolio)?http://goo.gl/7mH947</p> <p>Now I have the evidence what do I do with it?http://goo.gl/0rYUlc</p> <p>Now the evidence has been uploaded how do I attach it to my portfolio?http://goo.gl/xTkP5t</p> <p>Submitting evidence is like dumping a load of paper on your tutors desk without the OAR document Evidence must be ATTACHED to your portfolio Checking my work is there </p> <p>Where do I go for help?http://goo.gl/6vtcAL</p> <p>Questions?</p>