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What gets Measured gets Improved. Learn how to measure your campaigns and online engagements using Facebook Insights.


  • 1. Copyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved.What Gets Measured Gets Improved Social Media ROIPresented by: Rebekah SeragihAdonai Training LLP

2. AgendaWhy MeasureWhats to Measure 100 MetricsHow to MeasureExample of some of the Social MediaMeasurement ToolsCase Study Facebook InsightsCopyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 2 3. Why MeasureWhile much has been written questioning the value ofsocial media this landmark study has found that themost valuable brands in the world are experiencing adirect correlation between top financial performanceand deep social media engagement. The relationship isapparent and significant:socially engaged companies are in factmore financially successful.Social Media Brand Engagement Database: Ranking the Top 100Global BrandsCopyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 3 4. Laying the TableIn social media, it is no longer about showing yourdinner party your snapshots, its about showingthe world your snaps, videos, views andinformation and allowing the world to comment onit. This is where virality get serious.What people are saying about you online is nowmore important than your advertising cost andreturns.Social media is no longer a fad or a hype but asignificant part of your marketing mix. Copyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 4 5. 100 Ways to Measure Social Media David Berkowitz, 100 Ways to Measure Social Media Inside the Marketers Studio Blog (www.marketerstudio.com/2009/11/100-ways- to-measure-social-media.html)1. Volume of consumer- 6.Seasonality of buzz11. Asset popularity (e.g. created buzz for a7.Competitive buzz if several videos are brand based on8.Buzz by Category/topic embedded, which is number of posts 9.Buzz by Social Channel used more)2. Amount of buzz based(forums social networks, 12. Mainstream media on number ofblogs, Twitter etc.) mention impressions 10. Buzz by stage in 13. Fans3. Shift in buzz over time purchase funnel (e.g.14. Followers4. Buzz by time of researching vs 15. Friends day/daypart completing transaction 16. Growth rate of fans,5. Downloads & Uploads vs post-purchase)followers & friends And much more 6. Whats NextHow do I measure?Copyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 6 7. Identifying GoalsNever step plunge into social media marketingwithout setting your business goals to meet andthe social media objectives.This is the realm of public opinion and customerconversations.It is viral and information is difficult to containonce it is out.Never step into a scene without a clear idea ofwhy you are there and what you want out of it. Copyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 7 8. Set Clear Measurable ObjectivesGoals drive metrics, and metrics drive results.Figure out what problem(s) you need to solve, andthose goals will determine your metrics.E.g. If your goal is improving reputation orrelationships with your audiences, then measure: relationship scores Recommendations Positioning EngagementRemember: You cant manage what you cantmeasure, so set measurable goals.Copyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 8 9. The 3 Big Goals in BusinessStep 1 Determine what are the social media objectives Increase Revenue for each of thesebusiness goals you want to achieve.SMBe Specific! Improved CustomerLowered CostsSatisfactionMeasure whats MatterCopyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved.9 10. Design Your Social Media CampaignsStep 2 Business Goals Social MediaObjectives for each GoalDesign Your Social Media Campaigns to meet the objectives Copyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 10 11. Social Media Campaign FrameworkWhere are they -Social Media Listen toSocial Networks (e.g. ObjectivesConversations Facebook, Twitter)Get Them to Like YouGet their Attention Conceptualize Your Get Emotional Reaching YourCampaignRecognizeAudience SentimentsGet Them to Interact Convince them toGet Them to Share - Response Buy sell Values,Referral Triggering Actions Beliefs, InformationDo your measurement on an ongoing basis before, during and after the campaign 12. Social Media Measurement ToolsUse these tools to measure your social media objectivesFree Tools: Facebook Insights Twitter Search Hootsuite Bit.ly TweetDeck Web Traffic Google Analytics Incoming marketing (search) effectiveness, use Hubspot free website, Facebook, and Twitter grader Listening Tools:Social Mention www.socialmention.comGoogle AlertsJoin Twitter, then search Twitter and use TweetDeck Copyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 12 13. Facebook Insights User Overview Copyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 13 14. Facebook Insights User OverviewStatistic Definition MeaningInsightsNew Likes No. of new peopleAwareness of yourHow did they get towho have liked yourPage know of your Page?page for the first time.Source?Lifetime LikesThe Total No. of Your contents areWhat are the types ofpeople who have likedvaluable & they stay contents that drawyour page. on them in & keep themin?Active Users1-day, 7-day, 30-day The value of your Page What are the typescount of people whoor Posts contents byof contents thathave interacted with daily, weekly or draw them in &or viewed your Pagemonthlykeep them in?or its posts. What is the triggerpoints or touchpoints that trigger aresponse andaction? Copyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 14 15. Facebook Insights Daily Active Users BreakdownTake note of the sudden increaseor decrease in the chart. Copyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 15 16. Facebook Insights Daily Active Users BreakdownStatistic Definition MeaningInsightsUnique Page Views No. of distinct people The content of a Analyze what are thewho view any of your particular page is contents or activitiesPage on a given daydrawing the attentionthat are drawing in of the fans and non- the fans or keeping fans.them out. Usually thisis based on acampaign or activitypromotion.Post ViewersNo. of distinct people The message and theDetermine the typeswho view your postswordings are catchingof message andon a given day the attention of yourwordings vs the fans.personas of the fans.They must match.Design futureannouncements, wallpostings using thesame message andwordings. Copyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved.16 17. Facebook Insights Daily Active Users BreakdownStatistic DefinitionMeaningInsightsLiked a PostNo. of people who likeThis determine the value They enjoy the contentswhat you have posted on of your post and whether and this indicates you area given day the contents touch anheading in the rightemotion point of yourdirectionsfansCommented on a Post No. of people who This determine the value This means that the fansresponded with aof your post and whether are engaging with youcomment on a post and the contents touch anand the contents haveengaging with you in aemotion point of yourtouched a good or sourconversation on a given fans that they want to point in your fans.day share with you and theworld to seeWall PostsNo. of people who postedThe fans are seeking for They look at you as atheir status in your Pages your opinions, commentssubject matter expert ifwall posts on a given day assistance, or wanting tothey are seeking for helpshare some information or sharing their opinions.with your other fans ofThey want to engage in athe same interestconversation by taking the first step to post in your Pages wall.Copyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 17 18. Facebook Insights Referral Source Copyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 18 19. Facebook Insights Referral SourceStatistic DefinitionMeaningInsightsNew Likes No. of new people Awareness of yourHow did they get towho have liked your Page know of your Page?page for the first timeSource?on a given day.Unlikes No. of fans who haveThis means that they Measure the rate ofdisliked your page on do not enjoy yourlikes vs unlikes. Thisa given day.contents, it is of nowill give you avalue to them or theybenchmark whetherfound your posting a these fans are thenuisance.targeted fans or the contents are irrelevant and are noise to themLike SourcesThis is a breakdown ofThis indicate your Focus on thosethe number of Pageonline presence andsources that generatelikes from the most the social networksa high traffic to yourcommon places where where you areFacebook Page andpeople like your Page mentioned andgenerate morepointing the fans back campaigns orto Facebookactivities at these sources. 20. Facebook Insights - Activity 21. Facebook Insights - ActivityStatisticDefinition MeaningInsightsPage Views Total hits to your Fans or non-fans who Analyze what are the Facebook Page fans view your Page fromcontents or activities and non-fans various sourcesthat are drawing in the fans.Unique Page ViewsThe total unique These fans and non-Analyze what are the logged-in Facebook fans are in Facebook contents or activities users who visited your and they viewed your that are drawing in Page fans and non- News Feed. For the the fans or keeping fans non-fans, they viewthem out. Usually thisthe News Feed on is based on atheir friends walls campaign or activitywho share your wallpromotion.postings on their ownwalls.Copyright 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 21 22. Facebook Insights - ActivityStatistic Definition MeaningInsightsTotal Tab Views Total Page view by Tab Views are usuallyAnalyze which activity,Tags logged into used for campaigns orcontents, wordingsFacebook or not. promotion. Thisand visual layouts determined whether attract the highest the campaign, activity,view. Try a visual, contents are combination to get catching the attention the right tab contents of your fans and non-for your fans. fans.External ReferrersTop referring external This indicates thatInvest your marketingdomain sending traffic your Page has itsefforts in th


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