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WERE You There?

WERE You There?When they crucified my lord?

Song by this title is hard to sing congregationally, but the words are not hard to grasp. 1

Treatment of Jesus then and nowRejection then equals rejection nowThus, crucified afresh Heb.6:6; 10:29We do in principle what they did in fact!

Are we like them in any way?Like Judas?Like the crowd?Like Pilate?Like Peter?

Preferring temporal treasure to spiritual, inward treasure?Fitting in with peers?Try to wash hands of responsibility?Pride before a fall?

But, you can change things nowCrucified with Christ Gal.2:20Unashamed to confess Jesus Matt.10:32United with Christ -Rom.6:5fServing righteousnessYou stand before the cross now!What will you do with Jesus?


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