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<ol><li> 1. Well be stronger if were together Organized by Abakirova Aigerim April 11 2012 </li><li> 2. NEED COOMMUNITY : In the Naryn city exists 8 schools, and on statistical given around 4000students. the moment for want of attention society and notunderstanding adult to teenager, as follows to students from 11 before18 years, exist row a conflict between teenager and their parent, withteacher and peer also. As a result these conflict brings about suicideteenagers. From law-enforcement organ was registered about 456suicide. Reason was conflicts and quarreling with parents and peers. </li><li> 3. AIM OF THE PROJECT Assist the improvement of the relations between teenager at age from11 before 18 years with adult, by attraction psychologist and increasingof the potential in sphere IT technology. </li><li> 4. ACTIVITY </li><li> 5. RESULT This project helped the participants to learn more about the conflictand how to decide. Meeting with a psychologist gave them answers totheir questions that they could not solve. Students knew the reasons ,views of conflicts .</li></ol>