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Wenaas UK 2012 Catalogue


  • Kwintet UK & InternationalKwintet House

    Syke Side Drive, AlthamAccrington, Lancashire

    BB5 5YEUnited Kingdom







  • We reserve the right to change product specifications without notice. Reservation for misprint and colour deviations. Wenaas is a trademark of Kwintet Norway AS.

    2012, Kwintet.

  • Table of ConTenT



    Personal ProTeCTive equiPmenTHead ProTeCTioneye & faCe ProTeCTionHearing ProTeCTionresPiraTory ProTeCTionfall arresT

    63 - 6567 - 7779 - 8385 - 89 91 - 93

    garmenTsflame reTardanT workwearHigH visibiliTy workweargeneral workwear & rainwearbase layerCHemiCal & disPosable ProTeCTion

    12 - 3335 - 3739 - 4547 - 5153 - 59

    Hand ProTeCTionoil & gasgeneral HandlingCuT resisTanCeuTiliTieswinTerweldingCHemiCal ProTeCTiondisPosable ProTeCTion

    98 - 99 100 - 101

    102103 104105106 107

    fooTwearforma wenaasJalsPeCialisTwellingTons

    112 - 114115116 117

    aCCessoriesHoldallsknee ProTeCTionfirsT aidskin Care

    120121 121121

    informaTionsTandardsmeasuremenT CHarTTerms & CondiTionsConTaCT informaTion

    124 - 133134135 136

  • The Kwintet Group has been created through a coming together of strong, international workwear brands integrating differing but complementary skills to provide an unrivalled selection of workwear solutions meeting the needs of a diversified customer base.

    Kwintet provides a comprehensive and unparalleled range of brands and solutions that enhance the performance and wellbeing of the users and bring the very best products and services together to meet the needs of our wide-ranging customers. With our expertise in the development and distribution of professional clothing across a huge customer base, we have built a sustainable foundation for continued long-term success.

    Our strategy is based on a passion for working people and the clothing they wear to work. Through an intimate understanding of what they do, we can actively contribute to their performance, safety and wellbeing by dressing them for the specific task in hand.

    The needs of people at work are the overall guiding principle in our product development. By combining rigorous methodology and insights with some of the most

    creative minds in the industry, we create products that strengthen the bond between our customers and our brands. Literally millions of people wear our garments at work every day and we are proud to help them reach their full potential by wearing clothing they feel confident and comfortable working in.

    Our extensive sourcing and global supply chain means we are able to combine cost efficiency with a high level of service, whilst executing the needs of each and every market we serve. This highly diversified network has allowed us to extend our reach around the world and provide workwear solutions that are tailored to meet the most stringent requirements of any industry.

    As the leading experts in the industry, Kwintet is constantly striving to achieve innovative improvements to our products and services to keep our competitive edge and set new standards within the professional workwear market for quality, comfort, development and service.


  • we Care for THe world and eaCH oTHer

    Progress over PerfeCTionIt is a privilege to be in a position where our actions can contribute to make things better; better for people, better for our community and better for the environment.

    At Kwintet we believe that our overall business performance is intrinsically linked with our performance in the environmental and social realm. However, we also believe that the greatest reward of our efforts in the realm of sustainability is to see the concrete results in the form of good working conditions for the people that we depend on. Kwintet embraces the notion that all corporations have a social responsibility that they must act upon. On a fundamental human level we act because we care, and because we can.

    As we always seek to strengthen and maintain our customer relationships, we have the same approach to our suppliers. Through our Sustainability Program we have started a journey to ensure a sustainable and ethical business, where long-term results overrule any quick fixes. Instead of claiming that we have a supply chain of perfection, we cherish continuous progress in suppliers demonstration of sustainable working conditions in their manufacturing sites. The path to success in this regard comes through dialogue, accountability, transparency, and an emphasis on continuous improvement.

    Code of ConduCTAs we believe we have a responsibility towards everyone who contributes to our success, it is also important for us to select business partners that share our commitment to upholding high standards for labour practices. Kwintets Code of Conduct specifies our standards in relation to the International Labour Organization (ILO).

    susTainable ComPlianCe ProgramIn order to continuously have the quality of our CSR supply chain program re-assessed, we decided to enter into a partnership with an external compliance partner that can provide verification and input. Kwintet is therefore a member of Fair Wear Foundation - a multi-stakeholder initiative that supports and promotes good labour conditions in garment production.

    HigH qualiTy ProduCTs are safe ProduCTsAt Kwintet we see a direct link between sustainability and high quality standards for our products. It is therefore obvious that all our products must comply with the most stringent requirements in this respect. All textile and leather products shall therefore, at least, meet the criteria specified in the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and comply with REACH legislation; Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a globally uniform testing

    and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production limiting the use of harmful chemical substances to protect human ecological safety of textiles.

    REACH is the European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use. All Kwintet direct product suppliers must sign our Restricted Substances List. The list entails all chemical substances that according to REACH legislation are restricted to be present in products imported to the EU.

    for more informaTion see:www.kwintet.comwww.fairwear.orgwww.oeko-tex.comwww.echa.europa.eu

  • we ProTeCT PeoPle in HaZardous environmenTsWenaas has for more than 80 years contributed to creating a safe working environment for our customers and users. A pioneer within safety workwear, we have transitioned from our origin as a Norwegian, family-owned business to becoming a leading, global provider of cutting edge, head-to-toe safety solutions, and part of Kwintet, the largest workwear supplier in Europe.

    We are proud of our Norwegian heritage and the principles of our legacy which are inherent in our behaviours and business practices; entrepreneurship, skill, integrity and a strong passion for our work. These principles have been fundamental drivers of our success, and are still notably part of who we are today.

    Our mission is to offer cutting edge safety concepts within heavy workwear and personal protective equipment to safeguard users from head-to-toe without compromising on functionality, comfort and durability. Through our long experience in protective workwear, we have gained exceptional expertise in safety requirements enabling us to drive industry standards and provide a complete range of proven and fit for purpose head-to-toe solutions that meet workplace regulations worldwide, making us an ideal single source partner for all global market segments.

    Our people have an indepth knowledge of industry standards and safety requirements, and we take ownership of the entire product development process from idea to commercialization to secure quality throughout the process. Being part of the Kwintet group provides us with scale, capacity and expertise that enables innovative development of our own technical fabrics and unique design solutions, supply chain efficiency and superior third party supplier relations making it possible to offer cutting edge solutions at a competitive price/value ratio. This effectively eliminates the need for multiple suppliers and the costs associated with fragmented supply chains making Wenaas a competitive and fully integrated one stop shop environment for all workwear and personal protective solutions.

    We have for many years been the leading and preferred supplier of head-to-toe safety solutions. Continuous product innovation and close cooperation with our customers and users to understand their needs will ensure that they continue to prefer Wenaas.

  • we knowTHe oil & gas indusTry

    Wenaas enjoys a strong position as the leading supplier to the global offshore oil and gas industry supplying operators, drilling contractors and service companies.

    As an organisation, successfully providing head-to-toe safety solutions to the oil and gas sectors for over 30 years we have developed a deep understanding of our customer requirements and we continue to improve and adapt our operation to exceed customer expectations. On a daily basis several million people are wearing our garments whilst doing their job safely, comfortably and with peace of mind.

    Work in the oil and gas industry happens under extreme climatic conditions bringing high levels of expectation and demand on workwear and personal protective equipment. Through many years of experience, research and feedback from a large number of operators and contractors we h