WELCOME TO TURKEY. BURSA First Capital City of Ottoman Empire.

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<p>BURSA</p> <p>WELCOME TO TURKEYBURSA</p> <p>2First Capital City of Ottoman Empire</p> <p>GREEN BURSABursa is Turkeys 4th largest city with a total provincial population of 2.249.974 according to the results of the ADNKS in 2009Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman State between 1335 and 1413The city was referred to as Hdavendigar during the Ottoman period , while a more recent nickname is Green Bursa KARACABEY</p> <p>Karacabey is a district 60/65 kilometers west of Bursa. Its surface area is 1.285 km2 and population is approximately 80.000</p> <p>Karacabey was known as Mihali in ancient times. In sequence it was under the sovereignty of the Bithynians, Lydians and the Persians</p> <p>6Famous with its Onion</p> <p>Karacabey MKB Girl Technical and Vocational High School</p> <p> Number of Teacher : 50 Staff : 6</p> <p>Number of Students9th Grade : 16210th Grade : 12511th Grade : 10212th Grade : 129DepartmentsPre-school EducationCateringFood TechnologyClothingComputer TechnologyGraphic design and PhotographyCatering</p> <p>Food Technology</p> <p>Computer Technology</p> <p>Pre-school Education</p> <p>Clothing</p> <p>Graphic Design and Photography</p> <p>Our Target About The ProjectWe want to prove an interest in the cooperation with other European schools in order to broaden our perspective, improve the quality of teaching, learning and school management. We are interested in enlarging our perspective concerning different teaching methods and approaches such as interdisciplinary teaching, thus opening new perspectives for our teachers and pupils.Learning about different cultures and civilizations will enable our pupils to become more aware and tolerant towards European countriesTo help the students become the adults of a multicultural inclusive society.Thank you </p>


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