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Welcome to HHS. Crystal Robinson Transitions-Algebra I 105. Goals and Expectations. Let’s go Tigers !. SATP~ Algebra I. What does this mean? How does it affect me? When will it be? What to expect? What will my teacher do to help? What can your parents do to help? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Welcome to HLHS

Welcome to HHSCrystal RobinsonTransitions-Algebra I105

1Goals and ExpectationsLets go Tigers!

SATP~ Algebra IWhat does this mean?How does it affect me?When will it be? What to expect?What will my teacher do to help?What can your parents do to help?Most importantly what can I do to help myself?Expectations

Expect for your teacher to DEMAND your absolute best at all times!Expect to work hard at all times within my house!Expect to do all homework and classwork assignments.Expect to study and properly prepare for tests . Expect to pass Algebra I and score Advanced or Proficient on your SATP in May 2014!Class DesignThe order of class daily

Bellringer: SATP practice questions (show all work) or review tests.Reteach Opp. (ususally through homework)Introduction to New ObjectiveGuided Practice ExamplesYou Try Problems (worksheet)Homework (daily)**YOU MUST SHOW ALL WORK ON EVERY ASSIGNMENT IF YOU WANT ANY CREDIT FOR THAT WORK! Grading

Classwork/Homework = 20%

Quizes & Bellwork=20%

Weekly TESTS = 40%

Mid-Term (1st semester) Final (2nd semester) = 20%

There is ABSOLUTELY no time for playingtesting will be here in December!What you will need for this class

One 2-inch binderDividers for the binder (4)Two expo markers (dry erase)Rules and Procedures

You will respect me, my room, this school, and each other at all times.You will acknowledge that my room is a work area and not a playground.No food or drink allowed.You will not speak out of turn or get out of your seat without permission.You will not take anything that does not belong to you.You will be prepared to work each and every day you enter my house!ContRespect my calculators and treat them with care.You will complete all assignments on time and when you are absent you will get your make-up work out of the folder and turn it in ASAP.You will have all of the required supplies needed for this class.You will come to tutoring when you have problems and ask for help!You will remember that YOU need this class to graduate (for a math credit unit and because of state subject-area testing).You will not play in this class!Please rememberYOU need me/this class to graduate and you need to only be concerned with doing your best to get to that level. There is no time for play. It is not required nor desired!!!!ProceduresWhen you are absent be sure to check the make-up folder for your work and check the calendar to see what we did in class while you were out. Only if necessary do you come to me (after class).Sharpen your pencils and immediately begin your bellwork assignment. *foldersWe will transition during class from one thing to the next ~you will not begin talking or packing up~do not talk or pack up until I have dismissed you!Procedures contDo not jump up out of your seat without my permission. Not even to throw something away, get tissue, or certainly not to get Germ X.Do not go behind my desk, or touch anything that belongs to me in this room without my permission.You will NOT leave my class for any reason without a note from a teacher, counselor, or the office! Do NOT ask !!

RememberThis is my class/my home and I run it! You are a guest and please respect me and my home and all that is within these four walls. Violators will be dealt with accordingly. Algebra I is very serious and I promise to work hard and give you 100% so that you will be one step closer to receiving that diploma soon. I need you to be just as focused, hard- working, and dedicated. Please lets have a positive and rewarding school year. Lets see that Tiger Pride!


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