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WELCOME, EXCHANGE STUDENTS TO LATVIA! University of Latvia. Vadims Danovics. About latvia. Political system- republic, parliamentary democracy Member of EU and NATO since 2004 Member of WTO since 1998 Population 2. 28 million Area 64589 km 2 Capital- Riga (32% inhabitants) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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University of LatviaVadims Danovics

About latviaPolitical system- republic, parliamentary democracyMember of EU and NATO since 2004Member of WTO since 1998Population 2.28 million Area 64589 km2Capital- Riga (32% inhabitants)Currency- LVL (lats)1LVL=1.42 EUR

Historical timeline1918 foundation (we celebrate the 90th anniversary this year)1940 Molotov - Ribbentrop pact1941-43 Under the Nazi GermanyUnder the Soviet occupation1991 the song revolution & independence2004 EU & NATO


Latvians (in general)Are friendly but still north mentalityConsider themselves Protestants, but visit church just for ChristmasAre not extremely precise and in a lot of cases take rules more like guidelinesLove nature and love their country, even are not that satisfied with the quality of lifeLike singing


rigaThe city of the inspirationThe city that soundsThe capital of cultural heritageThe city that is never finished

Food to tryRiga Black Balsam & Latvian beerCurd & chocolate product KarumsThe rye bread & sweet/sour rye breadPrgi (yeast dough buns filled with bacon and onions)Sorrel soup and the cold beet soupprotes (sprats small fishes from the sea)Laima chocolate

the only classical university in Latvia ;active in International collaboration;internationalization as a balance element of education and research;

Facts about University of LatviaOne of the largest in Baltic States (23.278 students)Public university13 faculties16 institutes9 study centersEVF (~5000), TF (148)

Courses in Englishhttp://www.lu.lv/eng/istudents/exchange/courses/

Extracurricular activitiesSports

Fraternities and Sororities

Extracurricular activitiesDance and Choirs


Faculty of economics and managementFaculty of Economics and managementlargest faculty in the Baltic countries;largest faculty of University of Latvia;field: economics and management;dean: Maris PurgailisLocated in the center of Riga (5 Aspazijas blvd., Riga)98 partner universities/institutions (2009/2010)

Coursesautumnoffered by Faculty of Economics and ManagementUniversity of LatviaEconomicsbachelor levelautumnInternational Trade, 6 ECTSLabour Economics, 6 ECTSEconomic Anthropology, 3 ECTS

managementbachelor levelautumnIntercultural Business Relations, 3 ECTSLeisure and Tourism Management, 3 ECTSStrategic and Operative Planning of Economic Activity, 6 ECTSMulticultural Collaboration and the basics of teamwork, 3 ECTSPersonnel Management, 6 ECTSMarketing Research, 3 ECTSQuality Management Methods, 3 ECTSInternational Banking Business, 3 ECTSLogistics, 6 ECTS

European studiesmaster level coursesautumnEconomics:Practical Research Methodology Seminar II, 3 ECTS;Quantitave Methods in Decision Making, 3 ECTSEuropean Economies and Integration Development, 6 ECTSPractical Research Methodology Seminar IV, 3 ECTSRegional and Social Policy in the european countries, 6 ECTSMacroeconomic Policy in the new European Union member states, 6 ECTSEconomies of the Baltic Countries, 3 ECTSManagement:European Union: Government and Institutions, 6 ECTSNo s programmas kursus VAR izvlties ar bakalaura lmea studenti!!! 19European studiesmaster level coursesautumnLaw:European Law - Harmonization of Laws in the EU, 3 ECTSEuropean Law I Treaties and Institutions, 3 ECTSEuropean Law II Current Aspects of the Development of European Law, 3 ECTSPolitics:European Integration Theories Political aspects and Practice, 3 ECTSEU Public Communication: Theory and Practice, 6 ECTSDemography:Development of Population and Society in the Baltic Sea Region Countries, 6 ECTSMBA international Businessmaster level coursesautumnEconomics:International Business Economics, 3 ECTSManagerial Accounting, 3 ECTSStates Support Policy for Entrepreneurship and Export, 3 ECTSInternational Business Risk Management, 3 ECTSManagement: International Management under Global Competition, 3 ECTSLaw: Business Law, 6 ECTSos kursus var apmeklt TIKAI maistra studenti!!! 21Coursesspringoffered by Faculty of Economics and ManagementUniversity of Latvia

Economicsbachelor levelSpringFinancial Risk Management, 3 ECTSInternational Monetary Economic Model, 3 ECTSEconomics of The Public Sector, 6 ECTSModels and Methods in Operation Management, 6 ECTSModels of Financial Systems, 3 ECTS

Managementbachelor levelSpringIntercultural Business Relations, 3 ECTSLeisure and tourism management, 3 ECTSBasic Business Ethics, 3 ECTSManagement Psychology, 3 ECTSMarketing Basics, 6 ECTSEuropean studiesmaster level coursesspringEconomics:European Economic Integration, 6 ECTSPractical Research Methodology Seminar I, 3 ECTSEuropean Union Socioeconomic Current Trends, 6 ECTSPractical Research Methodology Seminar III, 3 ECTSManagement:European Union funds and Project management, 3 ECTSLaw:European Law II, 6 ECTSPolitics:The Agricultural Policy of Latvia within the Context of the EU, 3 ECTSMBA international Businessmaster level coursesspringEconomics: Financial Management and Accounting, 6 ECTSManagement:International Marketing Communications, 3 ECTSInternational Financial Business Environment, 3 ECTSExport Marketing, 3 ECTSLaw:International Business Law, 3 ECTS

os kursus var apmeklt TIKAI maistra studenti!!!

26References from exchange studentautumn09, Faculty of Economics and managementMy name is Inna and currently I am an exchange student in Riga. I am very glad I have had an opportunity to study in the University of Latvia during this year due to many reasons. It is common, that when you are about to go abroad to a country you have never been before, you may feel worried about million of things that await you there. At the Faculty of Economics, you will find a wide array of subjects offered in English, classes are practical and dynamic and the teachers are always there to help us. One thing is clear: the members of ESN Riga team will do their best to make your stay here safe, comfortable and extremely profitable. Perhaps, it is because of friendly atmosphere and caring people... or maybe because of our student life that is so intensive and full of amazing events specially organized for us but I know one thing for sure: thanks to the University of Latvia these beautiful memories will last a lifetime.Experience it yourself, come to the University of Latvia and get truly great life experience!Inna StolcereSpain, University of ValenciaTourism Degree

Thank you very much for your attention!

Contact information: E-mail: evfinfo@lu.lvWEB: www.lu.lv/eng

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