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Welcome everybody. Teachers Identity. SYED SAIFUL ISLAM Senior Asst. Teacher Jessore International School (JIS), Jessore Cantt . Jessore. Learning Outcomes. Students will be able to define how X Ray is generated. Able to Explain the use of X- Ray. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Welcome everybody

Teachers Identity

SYED SAIFUL ISLAMSenior Asst. TeacherJessore International School (JIS), Jessore Cantt. JessoreLearning OutcomesStudents will be able to define how X Ray is generated.Able to Explain the use of X- Ray.Able to analyze the good & harmful effects of X-Ray.Able to utilize X-ray to find out the metal crack in the industrial area.


Can you determine what object was radiographed in this slide?

Class: TenChapter: Twenty FourTime : 50 min.

X-RayXXTodays Lesson


High Electrical PotentialElectrons__+X-ray Generator or Radioactive Source Creates RadiationExposure Recording DeviceRadiation Penetrate the SampleHow X-Ray Produces- Ve potential

+ve HT- ve HTFig- X-Ray TubeX-RaysPhosphor LayerProtective LrayeSubstratePhosphor Grains How X-ray works on Film

Film RadiographyTop view of developed film

X-RaysPhosphor LayerProtective LayerSubstratePhosphor Grains Properties of X-rayGroup WorkFind out the the frequency of X Ray band.

Technique is used to save human life in medical sector.

Very useful to inspect and detect metal and luggage's in airport and industrial sector.

Are used to locate an explosive in a box or leather container.

The custom officials make use of these rays in finding smuggled goods.

Advantages of X-ray/Radiography

Good effects of X Ray

Can detect broke bone and internal organs of human bodyCan be used to detect crack of industrial equipment's.

Harmful Effects of X-rayExcessive use damages human limbs.

It creates radiation hazards.

Remedial action Use Radiation Proof Apron. Avoid Radiation area if possible. Use Radiation film Badge.

Technicians who works with radiation must wear monitoring devices that keep track of their total absorption, and alert them when they are in a high radiation area.

Survey Meter Pocket DosimeterRadiation Alarm

Radiation BadgeEvaluation What is X-Ray?What are the main use of X-Ray?What are the harmful effect of X-Ray? What is roentgen?Home Work How will you utilize this knowledge in your practical life by learning X Ray? Explain in detail.