weekly calendar august 13 tuesday, august 15 feast of the ... consecration. strengthen our hopeful...

WEEKLY CALENDAR AUGUST 13 Tuesday, August 15 Feast of the ... consecration. Strengthen our hopeful hearts,
WEEKLY CALENDAR AUGUST 13 Tuesday, August 15 Feast of the ... consecration. Strengthen our hopeful hearts,
Download WEEKLY CALENDAR AUGUST 13 Tuesday, August 15 Feast of the ... consecration. Strengthen our hopeful hearts,

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    COLLECTION COUNT CREW: Today: John Trausch, Tom Carney, Ed Burrichter, Steve Fitzgerald

    Next Sunday: Peter Elliott, Kurt Kuemmerlein, Mike Johnson, Kevin Lunsford

    COFFEE & DOUGHNUTS: Today: 7:00am: Vern & Theresa Augustine; 9:00am: Jim & Karen Moran; 11:30am: Matthew & Stephanie Whitney | Next Sunday: 7:00am: Jim & Jackie Dunne;

    9:00am: John & Lucy Roe; 11:30am: Bryan & Brigitte Titcomb

    HIGH MASS TODAY: 10TH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST, P. 353 Entrance Hymn: 862 - All Ye Who Seek A Comfort Sure; Asperges me: 567 Ordinary: 740 - Mass XI; Credo: 776 - Credo III Marian antiphon: 961 - Salve Regina ; Recessional Hymn: 861 - To Christ, The Prince of Peace FEAST OF ASSUMPTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY - August 15, 7 pm, P. 485 Entrance Hymn: 906- Immaculate Mary ; Ordinary: 731 - Mass IX; Credo: 780 - Credo IV Marian antiphon: 961 - Salve Regina ; Recessional Hymn: 908 - Hail Holy Queen

    THE CHOIR IS LOOKING FOR NEW SINGERS: “He who sings well, prays twice.”- St. Augustine: The St. Hildegard of Bingen Choir is currently recruiting new members . If you are 18 years old or older, like to sing, have good pitch, and would like to join us, please speak to Dr. Iva n Csanaky after High Mass- es, or e-mail sanladislao@gmail.com, or call and leave a message at 417-429-1689. (Those aged 16-17 years old may join if a parent or older sibling is a choir member.)

    NEW TO THE PARISH? Consider turning in a blue Parish Registration card or register on line http://spdlatinmass.com/about/register/

    Tuesday, August 15 - Feast of the Assumption of the B.V.M.

    Holy Day of Obligation, Masses at: 6:30am, 12noon & 7:00pm

    COUPLES NIGHT OUT: SATURDAY, AUGUST 26TH—5:30PM Dinner (no children except nursing babies). Spiritual Talk by a priest and prayers. RSVP's ahead of time so food can be planned. More details in the near future. $15.00/couple. If you are interested in attending please email or call Jody Nelson or Brigitte Titcomb. Jody: nelsonksmj@gmail.com or 913-530-6801. Brigitte: bribrykc@aol.com or 816-797-3734.

    5:30pm - Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament; Consecrations to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary; Spiritual Talk by a Fr. Nolan: 'Happiness in Marriage' - key steps to renew and fortify one's marriage.

    6:45pm Dinner/Social time | 8:30pm Recitation of the Rosary

    8:45pm Couples Rededication to their Marriage Vows; Blessing of Couples by the priest.

    FAMILY VOCATION DAY—SATURDAY, AUGUST 19 (St. Therese Parish, 7207 NW Highway 9, Kansas City, MO) For boys and girls of all ages and their parents. Men and Women religious from the various KC Communities will be there along with diocesan clergy. Registration and program details are available at www.kcpriest.org. $5.00/person—$30.00/Family. A benefactor will cover fees for any families unable to afford admission. Please contact Fr. Fongemie if you need assistance. FSSP priests will be attending for part of the day and a couple of traditional Religious communities will be there as well. This is a good opportunity for our young people to serve as ambassadors for the traditional liturgy among the Religious men and women themselves.


    Sunday, Aug 13–7:00am, 9:00am & 11:30am: 10th Sunday after Pentecost

    Monday, Aug 14–6:30am: Vigil of the Assumption

    Tuesday, Aug 15–Assumption of the B.V.M.—Holy Day of Obligation: 6:30am, 12noon & 7:00pm

    Wednesday, Aug 16–6:30am & 6:00pm: St Joachim, Father of the B.V.M.

    Thursday, Aug 17–6:30am & 12 noon: St Hyacinth, Confessor

    Friday, Aug 18–6:30am, 9:00am & 6:00pm: Feria; comm. Agapitus, Martyr

    Saturday, Aug 19–7:00am & 9:00am: St John Eudes, Confessor

    Sunday, Aug 20–7:00am, 9:00am & 11:30am: 11th Sunday after Pentecost

    The Knights of the Altar (Boys 7-18yrs) meet after Mass on 1st & 3rd Saturdays. Contact: Fr. Nolan.

    Choir of St. Hildegard of Bingen meets Wednesdays 7:00pm—9:00pm. Contact: Dr. Iva n Csanaky.

    Men’s Schola Cantorum of St. Benedict of Nursia meets Sundays 10:55am—11:25am. Contact: Dr. Iva n Csanaky.

    The Girls’ Choir meets on 1st & 3rd Saturdays from 10:00-11:00am, also on Sundays 11:00-11:25am. Contact: Mrs. Cecilia Csanaky.

    The Youth Group (14-18yrs) meets on the 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month at 5pm at the church. Con- tact: Fr. Nolan.

    The Legion of Mary Adults: Fridays at 6:45pm. Youth: Thursday 12:45pm. Contact: Christine Funk 913- 728-2310.

    The League of Tarcisians, an association of youth promoting devotion to the Sacred Heart, meets every 1st Friday after the 9am Mass. Contact: Fr. Nolan.

    Guild of St. Philomena, a group fostering devotion to the Sacramentals and the Saints meets on the 3rd Friday of the month after the 9:00am Mass. All ages welcome.

    Youth Catechism is offered Sunday at 10:15am. Contact: Tony & Christine Funk 913-728-2310.

    Little Flowers Girls Club for girls of the parish ages 5-11. 1st & 3rd Saturdays. Contact: Erin Maher email: erin.eileen.maher@gmail.com; Ph. 913-216-2770.

    The St Monica Prayer Group meets in church every Friday ca. 10am. The Rosary is prayed for the con- version of non-Catholic or lapsed family members.

    2nd Friday of each Month—Rosary at Women's Health Abortuary (4840 College Bvld., Leawood, KS) at 10:30am.

  • St. Rose Philippine Catholic Church

    5035 Rainbow Blvd • Westwood, KS 66205

    Mass Schedule (see inside bulletin for weekly changes)

    Sunday: 7:00am; 9:00am; 11:30am (High Mass)

    (Benediction after High Mass on the 4th Sunday

    of most months)

    Monday: 6:30am

    Tuesday: 6:30am

    Wednesday: 6:30am & 6:00pm (Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Succor at 5:30pm)

    Thursday: 6:30am & 12Noon (Novena Infant of Prague follows Mass)

    Friday: 6:30am, 9:00am & 6:00pm

    (Benediction follows Mass—In Lent: Way of the Cross)

    Saturday: 7:00am & 9:00am

    Holy Hour: Mon–Thur: 7:10am – 8:00am

    Confessions: 30 minutes before all Masses, Fridays at 9:00am & 6:00pm, Saturdays at 9:00am & 5:00-5:30pm, and during Masses on Sundays.

    Please note: One Mass on 1st Fridays is offered

    for Building Fund Donors. Please pray for our benefactors.

    The 11:30am Mass on Sundays is offered ‘pro populo’, i.e. for the needs of the whole community.

    The blessing of sacramentals takes place after Mass on the 1st Sunday of every month.

    “Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I give you my heart, my soul, and my life – oh, yes, my life, generously.”

    -Dying words of St Rose Philippine Duchesne

    Fr. John Fongemie FSSP Chaplain Cell Phone 785-840-8202 pastor@spdlatinmass.com Fr. Justin Nolan FSSP Asst. Chaplain Cell Phone 402-525-9812 frnolan@spdlatinmass.com

    Cell Phone 515-441-6773 frheinricy@spdlatinmass.com Emergencies: 913-909-8690 Website: www.spdlatinmass.com Rectory: 913-236-0005

    Choir of St. Hildegard of Bingen Dr. Iván Csanaky, Director Ph. 417-429-1689 sanladislao@gmail.com

    Mrs. Cecilia Csanaky, Organist & Assoc. Director Cell Phone 785-207-0013 sanctacaecilia@gmail.com

    13 August 2017 • 10th Sunday after Pentecost

    Sacristan: Celine Calovich 913-268-8093

    Altar & Rosary Society Mrs. Jody Nelson 913-530-6801 nelsonksmj@gmail.com

    Church Cleaning Mrs. Daryn Price 913-645-1962

    After-Mass Coffee & Doughnuts Mrs. Raegan Ratterman 816-726-3416

    Confirmation Prep & Legion of Mary Mr. Tony Funk Mrs. Christine Funk 913-728-2310

    First Holy Communion Class Miss Abigail Ratterman 816-718-1152.

    Secretary/Business Manager Mr. John Watkins 785-331-8232 secretary@spdlatinmass.com

    Parish Council: Chairman: Dr. Greg Gomer 913-210-4929, Mr. Kerry Nelson, Mr. Kevin Fogarty, Mr. Peter Elliot, Mr. Bryan Titcomb

    Finance Council: Chairman: Mr. Rob Spaedy 913-681-9340, Mr. John Heffernon, Mr. Steve Fitzgerald, Mr. James Macaluso, Mr. Christopher Finch, Mr. David Bennier, Mr. John Lewis, Mr. John Watkins (ex officio)

    Building Committee: Chairman: Mr. John Lew- is 913-390-7933, Mr. Jerry Knopp, Mr. Rob Spaedy

    PRAYER REQUESTS Deceased: Maria Becker, Lafayette Griescher, Harold Colston, Quinn Brady

    Sick and other intentions: Rosario Armijo, Christina Lazono, Laurie who has cancer, Dr. Kenneth McCarthy, Opal Foster, Mary Lou Stika, Ivor Jones, Dan Jones Family, “Nicole”, Alicica Armijo, Hillary Trossen, Elizabeth Tally, Myrna Lee Hershberger, Fr. Keith Lunsford, A mother suffering blindness, Felbert Curry, Benjamin Han- kammer, Bob Smith, Maria Reasor, Mother of Doris Bond, Gus Harber, Carol Morales, Hannah Kateri, Fr. Cal- vin Goodwin FSSP, Edward Sanchez, George Armijo, Dolores Montoya, Bo Bray, Luis Grine, Rory Trujillo, Joel Sydzyik, Amanda Kapfer, Vin Belcher, Agnes Trujillo, Joseph P. Orgeron, Colleen Hammond, Terri Cole, Ryan Houze, Rita Marie & John Jurcyk, Dr. James Pretz, Dr. Julia Scott, John Roberts, John Daly, Josie Tehan, Michael Miller, Catherine Conner, Henry Smith, Hugh Irwin, Frankie Gardner, Bob Hemmen, Gemma Black, Don Pearl, Phil Bux, Dave Klein, Loui