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Photography & Videography

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Wedding Photography is an important part for the wedding directory because photographers helps to capture all the lovely moment and makes it so beautiful.


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Photography & Videography

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Wedding photography is the

collection of the wedding

photographers that help to capture all the moment and

make it so beautiful.

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Videography is the collection of videos

that help to create all the moments in a

particular document and that document creates a wedding

film that can be said Wedding movie or Wedding Video.

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Factors of Photography

•Image Quality•Brightness & Sharpness•Light Transmitted Service•Contrast•Color Accuracy•Transparency

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Factors of Videography

•Lighting•Video Quality•Video Editing Software•Brightness & Sharpness•Capturing Power•Image Stabilization

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Photography & Videography are very important part for the

wedding directory because that gives you capture all your sweet

memories with the best light, camera and wonderful expert’s


And all photographers & videographers make your

wedding so beautiful by their services.

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