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<p>Brisbane Ice Sculptures</p> <p>Brisbane Ice SculpturesWedding Decoration Ideas In Brisbane</p> <p>Wedding Decoration Everyone has the wish to have unique decoration for the special day of their life. </p> <p>At Brisbane Ice Sculptures, we dont copy. </p> <p>We have a wide range of unique ice sculptures to make yourevents lustrous. Ice sculptures, specially designed for special day of your wedding, are always helpful to enhance the sparkof the day. </p> <p>Wedding Table DecorationIn a wedding decoration, centerpiece is the main part to grab the attention of your important guests. </p> <p>We use ice sculptures, themed specially for your wedding, to decorate your wedding table and to add a WOW factor to your party. </p> <p>Engagement Party IdeasWe all want our Engagement Party to be perfect as we use it as a preview for our guests of what our wedding party is going to be like. </p> <p>Brisbane Ice Sculptures have an experienced team to provide unique ideas for your engagement party within your budget. </p> <p>Our Work</p> <p>Visit us at:</p> <p>Address: 4 Ettie Street, Redcliff, Qld, 4020</p> <p>Log on to: </p>