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  • 1. Wedding Bouquets for2015by Simple Maui Wedding

2. This tropical wedding bouquet is made of: yellow & green orchids, pink roses, pinkginger, white & pink calla lily and light blue hydrangea. 3. The bouquet on theleft is comprised of:white hydrangea,white roses, greentuberose sprigs witha burlap wrap.The bouquet on theright is made ofwhite roses andwhite tuberosenestled in bananaleaves with a tealsilk wrap. 4. This is a shot of the bouquet from the previous slide with whitehydrangea, white roses, green tuberose sprigs and a burlap wrap. 5. This bouquet is made from yellow roses, white orchids and whitetuberose . 6. The bouquet on theleft is made fromwhite hydrangeapeach roses andwhite orchids.The bouquet on theright is made frompeach and whitepeonies, white miniroses and babiesbreath accents. 7. This Vibrantly colored wedding bouquet really pops, bringing life and beauty to yourwedding day. This bouquet is made of various colors of peonies, orchids, succulentsand roses. 8. This bouquet is made from Green cymbidium orchids, white roses intertwined gracefully withbear grass. 9. This gorgeous bouquet is made from pink and peach peonies. 10. The bouquet on theleft is made up ofpurple and whiteroses Greencymbidium orchids,baby fren sprigs andbear grass.The weddingbouquet on the rightis made of yellow &green orchids, pinkroses, pink ginger,white & pink calla lilyand light bluehydrangea. 11. The right wedding bouquetcan be an amazingaddition to your wedding,so choose wisely.Created by: Simple Maui Weddinghttp://www.simplemauiwedding.netPhotos by: Karma Hill Photography http://www.karmahill.comBouquets Created by: Dellables Floralhttp://www.dellables.comSee hundreds of MauiWeddings by Simple MauiWedding OnOur Blog:


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