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October 2017



Missionary Rex Daryll D. Lalu

[email protected]/09169755134

Sending church : New Life Baptist Church, Pandacaqui, Mexico, Pampanga

Sending Pastor: Jeremy Ferguson

Dear praying partners, Pastor, and church,

I deeply thank the Lord as always especially on how He blessed our lives and this work this month of October. By the grace of the Lord ,2 souls followed the Lord in water baptism in the first Sunday of the month. Please pray for sister Calamunding Santos and Nena Santos for their spiritual growth and to be used by God in some ways.


The church at Tarik (first church) by the grace of God is currently in the emphasis towards missions. Each member is assigned to reach every place in our village and by His grace there were new and returning visitors still came. One of them is Ranny Sibal, a young man who once live-in with a woman and had a daughter, but sadly, the woman left him and Rannys life became miserable. But one day one of our members reached him to listen to the Word of God. And by His grace ,Ranny is still attending the Lords House. Please continue praying because God really blessed the work for the Aeta people. To God be The Glory.

Church Congregation

Sunday School

By the grace of God, our Sunday School is using by God to reach more children ,even our Adult class,but in our last Sunday of the month, Bro Miracle was unable to teach because his teachers went to our church unexpectedly. His teachers told me that that day was supposed to be their practice in the school. But Bro. Miracle and all our youth chose rather to be in thee House of God than to disobey Him. To God be the Glory.

Please pray for our Bible School for this block The Cults I. that they may be able to defend the Truth in this world full of errors. Our Bible School consist now of 8 students and 2 sit in. And with this we also adding reading and writing for Bro. Jojo and Bro. Marios learning capability. Please continue pray that someday there will be a genuine Aeta Pastor and Missionaries in this field. And I really thank the Lord for giving us a Pastor, Missionary Jeremy Ferguson, I do believe that if theres no missionary came to us to teach the Word first, there would be no Aeta ministry and works now. To God Be The Glory.

Please pray for Queddeng family, Myca is now healthier than before by the grace of God. [;ease pray also for Ceasar Queddengs salvation.

And please include Bro. Rodrigos health on your prayers . he has an unusual mouth infection but what really blessed me is that he keeps on serving the Lord no matter what the situation is. Those smiles give me a very good testimony on how to continue in the Lord.

The Planas church this month was been full of Gods blessing as we started our reading and writing ministry and at the same time reaching the gospel for the Aeta people students. Please pray for this regular visitors Elmer Liwanag, Fatima Liwanag, Alvin Liwanag, Shagao Santos,Marlen Dela Cruz, Ann Ann Santos, and Nenita Liwanag, Kobe Cabalic and his wife, and Aeta children who regularly attends every Sunday and in our Reading Writing Ministry. To God be the Glory.

Please pray for Gods provision about purchasing the land for Planas and for more souls to be saved in this field.

Pasbul Missions is still ongoing with hut to hut soulwinning and children bible study. Many people were opening their doors about the gospel . and there are regular bible studies this September. Please pray for Gemma, Maylene, Leylanie,Saygon, Nelsie,Alvin, Bonsai, Jolens, Ericka, Erwin, Icelyn, Saryan, Doren, and Patal Children. Please pray also for Ryan and his wife as they professed that they want to follow Christ on water baptism.

Lastly, we want to thank each and everyone of you for praying and reading this simple report about the Lords work for the Aeta people. May you continue to remember us each time you pray. To God Be the Glory!

Additional Prayer Request:

-NCIP permit to be release as soon as possible for the building project in Tarik Church.

-Bible School students to be more equipped and to be used by God in the ministry.

-Faithfulness of the members and to challenge to do more for the work of the Lord.

-More visitors to be saved.

-More Pastors and Missionaries.

-To reach more souls in the villaes Villa Maria, Planas, Pasbul.

Your fellow-labourer in Gods vineyard,

Bro. Rex Daryll D. Lalu