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    musica blues

    Anderson, Matt Weightless Segn.: BCL CDB 51097 ANDE

    Armstrong, James Guitar angels Segn.: BCL CDB 51088 ARMS

    Bey, Frank ; Anthony Paule Band Soul for your blues Segn.: BCL CDB 51103 BEY

    Bonneville, Ray Easy gone Segn.: BCL CDB 51100 BONN

    Cannon, Toronzo John the conquer root Segn.: BCL CDB 51099 CANN

    Biblioteca cantonale di Locarno

    Via Cappuccini 12

    CH - 6600 Locarno

    F O N O T E C A nuove acquisizioni agosto/settembre 2014

    accesso web:


    clic su "acquisizioni" e clic su "mediateca"

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    Claudettes Infernal piano plot... hatched! Segn.: BCL CDB 51101 CLAU

    Corritore, Bob Taboo Segn.: BCL CDB 51096 CORR

    Keb' Mo' Bluesamericana Segn.: BCL CDB 51105 KEBM

    Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band Goin' home Segn.: BCL CDB 51107 SHEP

    Layla Zoe The lily Segn.: BCL CDB 51102 LAYL

    Magness, Janiva Original Segn.: BCL CDB 51109 MAGN

    Mayall, John A special life Segn.: BCL CDB 51098 MAYA

    Smither, Chris Still on the levee : a 50 year retrospective Segn.: BCL CDB 51104/1-2 SMIT

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    Specter, Dave Message in blue Segn.: BCL CDB 51106 SPEC

    Trout, Walter The blues came callin' Segn.: BCL CDB 51095 TROU

    Trout, Walter Luther's blues : a tribute to Luther Allison Segn.: BCL CDB 51108 TROU

    musica pop-rock-leggera

    50 Cent Animal ambition : an untamed desire to win Segn.: BCL CDR 25413 FIFT

    AA.VV. Sweet soul music Segn.: BCL CDR 25408/1-2 ANT/SWEE

    Ami Part of me Segn.: BCL CDR 25409 AMI

    Amos, Tori Unrepentant Geraldines Segn.: BCL CDR 25418 AMOS

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    Animals Animals Segn.: BCL CDR 25423/1-2 ANIM

    Bee Gees Best of Bee Gees Segn.: BCL CDR 25412 BEEG

    Bibio Silver Wilkinson Segn.: BCL CDR 25401 BIBI

    Breathe Carolina Savages Segn.: BCL CDR 25403 BREA

    Cherry, Neneh Blank project Segn.: BCL CDR 25407 CHER

    Cremonini, Cesare Logico Segn.: BCL CDR 25416 CREM

    Diamond, Neil The best of Neil Diamond Segn.: BCL CDR 25422 DIAM

    Dylan, Bob The essential Bob Dylan Segn.: BCL CDR 25420/1-2 DYLA

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    Ellis, Robert The lights from the chemical plant Segn.: BCL CDR 25411 ELLI

    Goulding, Ellie Halcyon days Segn.: BCL CDR 25417 GOUL

    Hardy, Franoise Clair-obscur Segn.: BCL CDR 25421 HARD

    Hiatt, John Terms of my surrender Segn.: BCL CDR 25431 HIAT

    Jackson, Michael Xscape Segn.: BCL CDR 25430/1-2 JACK

    John Butler Trio Flesh + blood Segn.: BCL CDR 25397 BUTL

    Linkin Park: The hunting party Segn.: BCL CDR 25428 LINK

    Malone, Tommy Natural born days Segn.: BCL CDR 25400 MALO

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    Meier, Dieter Out of chaos Segn.: BCL CDR 25404 MEIE

    Milky Chance Sadnecessary Segn.: BCL CDR 25429 MILK

    Moby Animal rights Segn.: BCL CDR 25424 MOBY

    Mockasin, Connan Forever dolphin love Segn.: BCL CDR 25398/1-2 MOCK

    Moustaki, Georges Tout reste dire Segn.: BCL CDR 25419 MOUS

    Mutual Benefit Love's crushing diamond Segn.: BCL CDR 25402 MUTU

    Nelson, Willie Band of brothers Segn.: BCL CDR 25432 NELS

    New Mendicants Into the lime Segn.: BCL CDR 25415 NEWM

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    No Sinner Boo hoo hoo Segn.: BCL CDR 25406 NOSI

    Palmer, Robert Riptide Segn.: BCL CDR 25399 PALM

    Rey, Lana del Ultraviolence Segn.: BCL CDR 25427 REY

    Sheeran, Ed X Segn.: BCL CDR 25425 SHEE

    Sia 1000 forms of fear Segn.: BCL CDR 25426 SIA

    Testa, Gianmaria Men at work : live Segn.: BCL CDR 25414/1-2 TEST

    Van De Sfroos, Davide Goga e magoga Segn.: BCL CDR 25410 DESF

    Vandenberg Moonkings Segn.: BCL CDR 25396 VAND

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    Waterhouse, Nick Holly Segn.: BCL CDR 25405 WATE

    musica jazz

    Akinmusire, Ambrose The imagined savior is far easier to paint Segn.: BCL CDJ 14274 AKIN

    Bad Plus The rite of spring Segn.: BCL CDJ 14258 BADP

    Barron, Kenny ; Cinelu, Mino Swamp Sally Segn.: BCL CDJ 14267 BARR

    Billy Hart Quartet One is the other Segn.: BCL CDJ 14273 HART

    Carter, Benny ; Coleman, Bill ; Chaix, Henri The three C's Segn.: BCL CDJ 14260 CART

    Carter, Regina Southern comfort Segn.: BCL CDJ 14272 CART

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    Colin Vallon Trio Les ombres Segn.: BCL CDJ 14266 VALL

    Davis, Miles Miles Davis chronicle : the complete Prestige recordings, 1951-1956 Segn.:BCL CDJ 14278/1-8 DAVI

    George Shearing Trio Jazz moments Segn.: BCL CDJ 14261 SHEA

    Haynes, Roy Quiet fire Segn.: BCL CDJ 14264 HAYN

    Kuroda, Takuya Rising son Segn.: BCL CDJ 14269 KURO

    L.A. 6 Frame of mind Segn.: BCL CDJ 14270 LOSA

    Lubambo, Romero S : brazilian essence Segn.: BCL CDJ 14275

    McLaughlin, John ; 4th dimension: The Boston record Segn.: BCL CDJ 14276 MCLA

  • 10

    Parlato, Gretchen Live in NYC Segn.: BCL CDJ 14268/1-2 PARL

    Phronesis Life to everything Segn.: BCL CDJ 14271 PHRO

    Reid, Rufus Quiet pride : the Elizabeth Catlett Project Segn.: BCL CDJ 14277 REID

    Rodrguez, Alfredo The invasion parade Segn.: BCL CDJ 14259 RODR

    Russell, Catherine Strictly romancin' Segn.: BCL CDJ 14265 RUSS

    Take 6 Feels good Segn.: BCL CDJ 14263 TAKE

    Tord Gustavsen Quartet Extended circle Segn.: BCL CDJ 14262 GUST

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    musica classica

    AA.VV. European light music classics Segn.: BCL CDC 4172 785.1 ANTO

    AA.VV. Maria Callas : la divina Segn.: BCL CDC 4171 782 ANTO

    AA.VV. Orient-Occident Segn.: BCL CDC 4167 785 ANTO

    Bartk, Bla Violon concertos n. 1 & 2 Segn.: BCL CDC 4174 BART 785.6:787

    Berio, Luciano ; Denisov, dison Vasilevich Folk songs ; Chamber music ; La vie en rouge Segn.: BCL CDC 4173 BERI 784

    Brahms, Johannes Symphonie no. 4 e-moll op. 98 ; Tragische ouvertre op. 81 Segn.: BCL CDC 4175 BRAH 785.1

    Busoni, Ferruccio Late piano music Segn.: BCL CDC 4160/1-3 BUSO 786

  • 12

    Chopin, Frdric The Chopin piano concertos Segn.: BCL CDC 4164 CHOP 785.6:786

    Fiorillo, Federigo Concerti e sinfonie concertanti Segn.: BCL CDC 4162 FIOR 785.6:787

    Gervasoni, Stefano Dir - in dir Segn.: BCL CDC 4166 GERV 784

    Graun, Johann Gottlieb ; Graun, Karl Heinrich Oboe concertos Segn.: BCL CDC 4168 GRAUJ 785.6:788

    Graupner, Christoph Himmlische Stunden, selige Zeiten Segn.: BCL CDC 4169 GRAUP 784

    Pisano, Bernardo ; Marsh, Roger ; Arcadelt, Jacob Il cor tristo Segn.: BCL CDC 4165 PISA 784

    Puccini, Giacomo La bohme Segn.: BCL CDC 4170/1-3 PUCC 782

    Sarasate, Pablo de Sarasate - Ravel Segn.: BCL CDC 4176 SARA 785

  • 13

    Schumann, Robert ; Brahms, Johannes Concerto per violoncello e orchestra in la minore op. 129 ; Serenata n. 1 in re maggiore op. 11 Segn.: BCL CDC 4163 SCHUM 785.6:787

    Sor, Fernando La chitarra dell'Ottocento Segn.: BCL CDC 4161 SOR 787