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Presidents DayPresidents DayWhy is it a National Holiday?Presidents Day OriginationPresidents Day is an American holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February. Originally established in 1885 in recognition of President George Washington, it is still officially called Washingtons Birthday by the federal government.Source: History.comWho was George Washington?Nicknamed the Father of our Country, Washington was popular and beloved during his United States presidency from 1789 to 1797so much so, that plans were made to name a capital city after him and have a military parade to commemorate it.Who was George Washington?Born February 22, 17221752 Commander of the Virginia Militia1759 married Martha Dandridge Custis who had 2 childrenAlthough a devoted stepfather, he and Martha had no children togetherWho was George Washington?Delegate to the first Continental Congress in 1744, he was highly opposed to the over-taxing of the Americas by BritainGreat military leader to the first troops that were untrained, starving, minimal ammunition & poorly outfitted, he kept them motivated to the cause of freedomGeorge WashingtonCommanded and motivated American troops through a grueling 8-year ground war to victory, including the brutal and famous Valley Forge winterAn Impressive leader, President Washington has a long list of accomplishments A Unanimous Election in Washington?Washington was so well-loved as a leader, that he was the only President ever to be UNANIMOUSLY re-elected.He knew that in order to be an effective leader, unlike a king, he had to give up power and listen to the people.Most widely known as the Father of our Country,George Washington was fundamentally a man of the soil, a country squire and Virginia gentleman who loved his country home, his dogs and blooded livestock. This also led him to being known as the General on Horseback for his fine taste in half-bred Arabian horses.Honoring WashingtonNow on the $1 (most used)On the quarter (another popular form of money)Washington StateWashington D.C.Washington MonumentPresidents Day HistoryToday we celebrate Washingtons birthday (February 22) on the third Monday in February. Washingtons birthday is very close to Abraham Lincolns birthday (February 12).In 1968, Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act to give government workers an opportunity for a 3-day weekend. So, in 1971, the celebration of Washingtons birthday was moved. Its official name remains Washingtons Birthday; however, many now refer to it unofficially as Presidents Day to also recognize the great Abraham Lincoln.Source: history.comGeorge WashingtonFirst leader of the free world,We salute you!Teacher1stop.comCome visit us for more greatteaching resources