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Warren Buffetts Top 10 Stock Holdings, and Why He Owns Them

As of the most recent regulatory filing, Berkshire Hathaway owns stock in 43 different companies.The size of these stock positions varies greatly Some of Berkshires positions are just a few million dollars in size, while others are in the tens of billions.Heres a look at Berkshires 10 largest stock holdings, and a few reasons why Buffett and Company like each one as a long-term investment.

Infographic source: LTC Commission report pg 232

1. Kraft Heinz (NYSE: KHC)

Buffett loves Kraft Heinz because its a forever business.According to Buffett: These are brands I liked 30-plus years agoand I think Ill like them 30 years from now.Buffett has also publicly praised the companys managers.Value: $23.0 billionShares owned: 325.6 million% of company: 26.6%

2. Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC)

Wells Fargo has historically done a great job of managing risk.Just before Berkshire first bought Wells Fargo, Buffett wrote to shareholders that we look for first-class businesses accompanied by first-class managements.Value: $21.1 billionShares owned: 470.3 million% of company: 9.26%

3. Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO)

Coca-Cola has incredible brand power and a huge distribution network.Buffett has said that Coca-Cola is such a great business that a ham sandwich could run the company.Value: $16.9 billionShares owned: 400 million% of company: 9.36%

4. International Business Machines (NYSE: IBM)

Buffett has called IBMs management brilliant, and praised the companys shareholder-friendly actions in his 2011 letter to shareholders.He especially likes IBMs history of aggressively buying back its own stock.Value: $9.5 billionShares owned: 81.0 million% of company: 8.62%

5. American Express (NYSE: AXP)

Buffett likes that Amex makes money from spending on its cards and transaction fees/finance charges.American Express is also one of the worlds most valuable brands.Value: $7.7 billionShares owned: 151.6 million% of company: 15.5%

6. Phillips 66 (NYSE: PSX)

Buffett has been aggressively buying more Phillips 66 as oil prices drop.This is a classic Buffett principle: As a sector is getting crushed, buy the best-in-breed stocks at a discount.Value: $5.4 billionShares owned: 74.0 million% of company: 13.9%Paul Adams

7. Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG)

Buffett loves businesses that are easy to understand, and P&G definitely qualifies. Also, P&Gs brands are widely known and trusted, and therefore represent a sustainable competitive advantage.Value: $4.2 billionShares owned: 52.8 million% of company: 1.98%

8. Wal-Mart Stores (NYSE: WMT)

Wal-Mart is a business that works in good times and bad the companys revenue actually increased during the 2008-09 financial crisis.Wal-Mart is a dominant retailer, and theres no reason to believe that will change.Value: $3.65 billionShares owned: 56.2 million% of company: 1.76%

9. U.S. Bancorp (NYSE: USB)

U.S. Bancorp is one of the best-run banks in the United States.The bank consistently operates with greater efficiency and profitability than peers.Value: $3.16 billionShares owned: 85.1 million% of company: 4.91%Wikipedia user Anthonyramos1

10. DaVita Healthcare Partners (NYSE: DVA)

DaVita is a relatively simple business that has significant pricing power.The company has a large market share, and the market is growing.Value: $23.0 billionShares owned: 325.6 million% of company:26.6%Michael Rivera

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